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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Buy Gas in NA are *ALL* Located in BC!


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According to most recent statistics released and gathered by gasbuddy.com, the 10 most expensive cities to buy gas in North America are all located in Metro Vancouver.

The data, which was compiled on August 8, highlights what we in the Lower Mainland already know: it’s expensive to drive here.

The culprit is gas taxes. Taxes make up 29 per cent of the price for gasoline.

With no real relief in sight for prices at the pump, it’s even more crucial that Metro Vancouver’s municipalities, TransLink, and the provincial government figure out the priorities for the region’s rapid transit lines. UBC and Surrey both deserve rapid transit expansion.

10 most expensive cities in North America to buy gas (per litre)

1. Delta – 143.6

2. Surrey – 143.5

3. Pitt Meadows – 143.3

4. North Vancouver – 143.1

5. Maple Ridge – 142.18

6. Burnaby – 142.12

7. Vancouver – 142.06

8. New Westminster –142

9. Richmond – 141.6

10. Coquitlam – 141.1

The cheapest place to buy gas in North America is Danville, VA, with a price of 83.7 a litre.

The cheapest place to buy gas in B.C. is Kamloops with a price of 123.2 a litre while across Canada, Spruce Grove in Alberta is the cheapest with a price of 109.6 a litre.

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still almost cheaper than bus fare(if you don't factor insurance, maintenance). frack translink. all the$$$ from the gas tax goes to the company, and they still hike fare, hike taxes, fire employees. Large corporation rolling in green leaflets tend to not give a crap about the general public.

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Holy smokes! No wonder why so many people living in the lower mainland go south of the border to get their gas - they practically save 50%!

...what I can't wrap my head around is what in the world caused BC gas prices to spike so much compared to the rest of North America? It's ridiculous that you see this article and realize we have the top 10 most expensive cities to buy gas in all of North America - it's just shocking really.

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