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Borowiecki hit on Boll


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That was a good hit that caught Boll low is all.

North South. Player making impact tucks arms in.

Boll is leaning forward at time of impact.

Just a big ol hit.

If this hit ends up with a suspension or fine than the Mitchell hit on Toews a few years back would have been a suspendable hit.

If Boll is not leaning forward reaching for the puck and looking at the puck he takes that square in the chest.

My opinion

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That is almost as clean of a hit as you will see

Not sure what the issue is here and why the hell there was a penalty called

The reffing in this league has gotten to a point where it is beyond fixing and as long as Bettman is running the show there will be no change

Bettman must tell these dumbasses to call anything that looks like a big hit

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At around the 58 second mark you get a great look at the hit. Nothing wrong with it IMO. Boll put himself in a vulnerable position and got clocked by a clean hit. It wasn't like he put himself in a vulnerable position and then got an elbow to the chin. It is perfectly fair to blame the victim in this case.

EDIT: After a hit that devastating, I don't mind seeing Wiz jumping in to defend his teammate.

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