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Meeting CDCers IRL

Mainly Mattias


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Just one, but I had met him before I knew he was on here through a completely different message board. He's not here anymore. I think I made him uncomfortable because that is my personality.

Another person I met from that same board took a friend with him because he thought I was a serial killer. What a psycho that guy is.

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I haven't, please elaborate the story :)

In my short stint at Uni I rented a room near the school from a professor. A few other students, as well as the professor's son lived in the house. The son was always in the living room either playing video games or posting on CDC. I don't think he had a job and he definitely wasn't going to school (no offence to the guy, I know what it's like to be stuck in a rut). It took me awhile to put it together but I was thinking about the sheer quantity of VC's posts and I remembered this guy I used to live with who, as I've said, was ALWAYS on CDC. I only talked to the guy a couple times. He was extremely quiet. One of the times I did talk to him I brought up the Canucks and he didn't really have much to say about them despite being on CDC almost every time I looked at his computer, which is another reason I'm pretty sure it's Vintage Canuck.

It is hard to get a read on people that are as quiet as he was. You never know what is going on in their head. I've also thought that he could be DeNiro, or one of the fruits. Who knows...

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Racing to be the first to post news and pgts too. What is with that? That is all over the internet actually. On youtube and any other place you can comment. Always with the "FIRST."

...and again, not a knock on those people, whatever gets you hard. But I don't get it.

It could be an image or value thing. Like I'm worthless if I don't provide a service to people, or I need to create an identity so I'll be the guy that always gets news up first.

As far as the youtube(and other comment section) first people go, I've got no answer... actually it could be a hipster thing. Like I'm first to see this and I liked this first. I'm so original for seeing this original thing before any one else. Look at my first comment that proves that I saw it first.

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