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[Report] Canucks Discussing Edler for Franzen Trade w/ Detroit, Interest in Gaborik/Vanek/Moulson, Calls on Kesler

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...Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler has been dangled as trade bait since the off-season, when Gillis tried to move him around the NHL Draft.

Edler, however, now has a no-trade clause and must approve any deal the team tries to make.

With a $5 million annual salary cap hit, Edler isn't a major financial burden and several teams have expressed an interest in acquiring him.

The Detroit Red Wings have been long linked to Edler, and whispers around the NHL suggest the two teams continue to discuss a deal that could also involved Wings veteran Johan Franzen.

Franzen, 34, is in year five or an 11-year, $43.5 million contract, and carries a $3.954 cap hit. While he's making $5 million in actual salary this season through the 2015-16 campaign, his salary drops to $3.5 million in 2016-17, $2 million in 2017-18 and $1 million in the last two years of his contract.

Gillis has been in the market for a top-line winger, and has been linked to the likes of New York Islanders left wing Thomas Vanek, Columbus Blue Jackets sniper Marian Gaborik and Buffalo Sabres left wing Matt Moulson, among others.

With some room under the salary cap, the Canucks' options may be limited and swapping one player with a long-term contract for another is something the team is considering.

Canucks ownership continues to state that they have full support of Gillis, though help is needed.

The Canucks have also received calls for forward Ryan Kesler, who also owns a no-trade clause, though such a bold move is considered to be very unlikely, especially during the season.

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If anyone can make Edler into a superstar, Detroit is the place. As long as he is here, his potential will rot away.

I agree with getting younger. If anything, we should try to at least snag a 2nd round pick from them.

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He has had some consistent minor injury problems, but the 2 concussions or same recovering concussion this year is a worry, is age and contract length are also a worry.

I would only make this trade if Mantha was coming our way, or Tatar.

A healthy franzen would be very dangerous with the sedins. But like we all agree that ship as sort of sailed as franzen is getting older and hes still not recovered from his last concussion.

I think there would be better deals possible for edler,

But Mantha Franzen I would do the deal

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I've always wanted to see Sedin - Sedin - Franzen, but I think that ship sailed long ago

Pretty much this. Don't believe that this is true we're interested in Franzen only cause it makes no sense however, only way I see Franzen our way is if we get Mantha/Nyqvist/Tatar + more possibly for Edler.

Franzen as a cap dump to even it out and then a young player evens out the rest of the cap to a make a deal work. Also cause Wings won't be willing to give all youth for Edler so Franzen would make sense if we are taking away a top prospect from them.

...if a trade goes down, I'm guessing it'll be Edler for Franzen + Mantha/Nyquvist/Tatar + 1st or 2nd. Works financially for both teams and makes sense. Don't see how this can't be a possibility.

Tomas Tatar folks:


To those worried we lose a deal with one of Tatar/Mantha/Nyquvist + Franzen + a pick, watch them play first...unbelievable youngsters. Detroit would give us amazing talent if we got one of those 3!

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Really MG?

For a 34 year old with 6 more years left on his deal? Or an overpaid, over injured Gaborik?

Moulson and Vanek are good players but 30 year olds with rich contract demands are not what this team should be going with.

I don't really believe these rumours, but my biggest fear with MG is that he takes the easy route again and instead of changing the core by way of trade, he goes out and signs an expensive 30 plus year old free agent because it doesn't cost him anything other than the owners money and cap space going forward.

If Gillis goes this route, this teams' dark ages are nigh!

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Franzen would clearly be cap relief for Detroit - doesn't anybody bother looking at contract terms, or cap hit?

The main piece is likely a pick or prospect with Franzen coming back clearly to make the numbers work for Detroit.

This all makes sense for the following reasons:

Note that all three players mentioned (Franzen, Gaborik, Moulson) are in the last years of their contracts, and all a little overpriced based on current performance (with the exception of Moulson). In other words, they're not particularly valuable as rentals but for a team that's close to contending they could be swapped for a player like Edler who can eat up big minutes on the back end, and do so with a relatively affordable contract.

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If Mantha, Nyquist, Jurco is not coming back there is no way this fan base would accept this deal. Gillis might find value in it but for the love of god we fans know it's a terrible 1-1 trade.

Franzen and a 1st, still not enough value for a team doing a 1 year rebuild.

Franzen Prospect and 2nd is a fair value for value deal.

but come on....we need more than just a player (who is often injured and would be one of the oldest guys on our team) and a possible pick.

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