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Daniel Sedin Injured - Potentially Serious? W/Video

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People who say no loss are just plain lacking in judgement.

If the guy is injured, he can't turn his drought around... if he wasn't, he'd at least have a chance to.

Lots of NHL'ers have been in droughts, and turned them around. Unfortunately Daniel won't have that opportunity.

Re. the check: This is another example of the biased refs in this league... the Sedins get zero respect... it's open season on them and has been for the last 3 years.

Daniel got a penalty in last year's playoffs for boarding which wasn't even close to being as clear as this one... Methot clearly put his stick on the numbers on Daniel's and jammed him face first into the boards.

The only good news about this event is that hopefully we will see a realization on the part of management that the team is not going to make the playoffs, and the trades which are needed are going to happen...

Of course, Gillis will probably scr*w the pooch on the trades anyway... :picard:

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Silver lining... jensen call up?

I'd rather they let Jensen keep up his consistent 2nd half of the year in the AHL as opposed to exposing him to the Titanic failure that is the Canucks 2013/2014 season.

His confidence is growing, why F with that in a lost season? Even if he excels up here and helps win a few games, he'd only be destroying our shot at a top-5 pick in June...

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Canucks fans are as classless as those rioters on June 15 2011. I swear some of you punks are probably from that riot. Daniel Sedin gets absolutely no respect from us and I'm not sure why. Daniel Sedin has already accomplished far more as player then Trevor LInden did in his entire career.

Screw you guys, Canucks fans. Embarrasement.

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