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What is your fave Sci-fi movie or franchise out there?

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So many to choose from now. The Planet of the Apes reboot is going strong now and that Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is pretty damn good. Lots of new ones to choose from now such as District 9, the Matrix series, maybe even Avatar or Gravity which is a huge thrill ride I missed out on in theatres.. I am pretty loyal to Star Wars and they used to be my fave sci-fi films but am now leaning towards either Alien or the Thing due to the strength of their storylines.

What are some of yours and why? Surprise me with some films I have not heard of before. Anyone seen Metropolis, have yet to see that one. Be pretty impressed if someone chooses the Back to the Future movies as theirs. I can read top 10 lists online all day but I want to know Vancouverites personal choices here. Lay it on me......

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The Thing (1982) is possibly my all-time favorite movie, but I'm not sure it would count as straight sci-fi, more horror/thriller with a sci-fi flavor.

Similarly, I feel like Alien is a little more towards the straight horror end of the spectrum. Predator is an action flick with a sci-fi antagonist.

So, probably have to go with either Aliens or 2001 as my favorite straight sci-fi. Even there, I'm not sure 2001 is purely in the genre ... it really defies classification and exists on its own plane. I guess I'm just not big on pure sci-fi films.

More recently, I really liked Snowpiercer.

I've watched Metropolis - it's the kind of art I can appreciate for being ahead of its time and for its long reaching influence, but is really hard to enjoy on a pure entertainment level. From a completely different era in movie making.

Two others that I'm not sure would count but I love - Robocop and The Road Warrior?

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I don't think so, the sequels were better in a different way than the first movies in both cases. They were blockbusters but lacked in the atmosphere and tension the first movies had. When I was a kid, Aliens and T2 were my favourite movies. They appealed to a broader range of audience and was just bigger and more explosive. Perfect popcorn movies.

Alien and the Terminator on the other hand I didn't begin to appreciate until I got older. In terms of artistry in film making, these two movies are far superior than the sequels. There are some things a bigger budget cannot buy.

Anyway, how awesome is Linda Hamilton


totally thought you would have gone in a different direction:


The other two obvious choices are Blade Runner and 2001.

not really a "franchise"....

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