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List Your All Time Least-Favorite Canucks


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Can't say I hate any of the players. The only non-obvious (obvious being Messier) choice that I just never warmed to was Raffi Torres. I'm sure he's a good guy, I just never liked the way he played the game.

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A lot of bad players have come through this organization, but I can't hate them for it. They can't help being terrible at their job.

That being said, daniel can go fck himself.

Dan Cloutier by a long shot, then the others...

Daniel Sedin

Corey Hirsch

Bryan Allen

Jim Sandlak

Craig Janney

Russ Courtnall

Peter Schaefer


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#1 Torres. I do believe his heart is in the right place but he made me cringe every shift thinking he would either maim someone or take a penalty at the worst possible point of a game

#2 Cloutier. Could not stand to watch him in net. A complete mental case. If you even chirped him slightly he lost his mind

The rest are princes in my eye's lol. Especially guys like Gino :bigblush: and Juice. The sacrifices they made/make to protect their team mates is priceless to me.

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Naslund era:

Jan Hlavac - Ugh, pass.

Dan Cloutier - Sorry, Dan. Just not all that likeable.

Brandon Reid - All flash, no presense. So frustrating.

Fedor Fedorov - Ditto.

Martin Rucinsky - Good God, why? Never liked him from shift 1 to his trip to the airport outta here.

Richard Park - Freakin' Nonis and his Minnesota moves were detestable.

Dave Nonis - Unlikeable, idiotic GM. Pretty sure Luongo was in the works by Burke before he even started. Him in TO is a fit.

Keith Carney,

Eric Weinrich,

Sean Brown,

Mika Noronen - All reminders of how stupid Nonis was. Can't say I enjoyed the presense of any of them.

Jan Bulis - Just a totally unlikeable player.

Lukas Krajicek - OMG the hype-job on this freakin' turd. Upsetting.

Tommi Santala - Forehead-slap!

Marc Chouinard - Guilty of sloth.

Ryan Shannon - See Brandon Reid. One spin-o-rama shootout goal was about it for his time here.

Matt Pettinger - Useless.

Man, I remember that era so well. Most of those players you named were within a few years. I remember Rucinsky came on the team along with Geoff Sanderson.

Half of those guys it's crazy they even made a roster, and goes to show what the Canucks had going at the time.

Chouinard did nothing at all. Shannon was okay in some games and had a little flash, including that spin-o-rama shootout.

Bulis I didn't mind a whole lot, but he was also horrid.

Weinrich I remember had the yellow visor tint. If that's the main thing I remember, he must not have done much.

Krajicek, lol.

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