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[Game Over] Mafia: The Game - Seil, the city of Lies (Brotherhood win)



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Votes are in and he city of lies has SPOKEN! VIC is hung (last words)

The Brotherhood have made their kill! They try to slit the throat of Ilduce but they were BLOCKED! ILDUCE LIVES!

The Tainted have made their kill! They back stab Toews

The Company did not make a kill tonight!

The Town Commander of the Watch has brought a criminal to justice and has killed PEACHES!

A warrior from a rival faction went on a rampage and has killed Beluga Whale!



Lynch4: VIC (The Company)

Tainted kill: Toews(The Company)

TCW: Peaches (Tainted)

Warrior kill: Beluga Whale (Botherhood)

Lynch3: Aladeen (Botherhood)

Brotherhood Kill: Virtanen (The Company)

Tainted Kill: Big Mike (The Company)

Company kill: g_bassi (Tainted)

TCW: GFY (Botherhood)

TCW: Master Radishes (The Company)

Lynch: King Heffy (Tainted)
Lynch2: BDM (Tainted)
The Brotherhood kill: PPCLI (Tainted)
TCW: Kryten (Occult)

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Ok, I think its time to start a TP alliance, especially with 0 TPs dead.
I'm the Town Commander of the Watch (Vigilante), originally a level 2 Thief, now level 4! My abilities are:
lvl - Ability

1 - 1/rnd watch any player
2 - 1/rnd investigate faction of any player
3 - 1/rnd can investigate class of any player
4 - 1/rnd investigate faction, class and level
5 - sacrifice self to kill any player

In addition, Investigations/watchs/blocks are ineffective against you.

1st rd, I investigated GFY, results were "GFY is a part of the Brotherhood Mafia Guild"

2nd rd, I investigated Aladeen, results were "Your investigation of Aladeen has FAILED! You did not gain any information!"

3rd rd, I investigated Belugawhale, results were "you FAILED to determine the faction of BW!"

4th rd, I investigated VIC, results were "you FAILED to determine the faction of VIC!"

5th rd, I just investigated Time Lord, results were "investigation failed :( "

Knowing that I'm immune to investigations, blocks and watches, I messaged GFY immediately after investigating him and claimed I was a lackey. I asked him who to block and he replied with BW. I also asked him for the investigation target and he replied with I will tell you after the round. However, he didn't reply back that night, so I went ahead and investigated Aladeen. The next rd, I asked him again who to block/investigate and he gave the same lame answer, so I went ahead and killed him. I have the PM proof that lasted several days and I can invite anyone that wants to see it.

Since there are currently 14 known mafias (1 thx to dral lol), I'm guessing each mafia group comprises of 5 members with an extra unknown lackey, for a total of 18 mafia members. So the remaining would be 7 tps and 1 cult leader..?

Here are the remaining players:

2. Stevenstamkos
6. Kakanucks
9. Time Lord (Can't be investigated, Perhaps a mafia member like BW, Aladeen, VIC?
10. canucksfan9191
13. Otis
14. otherwise
16. KingAlex
19. Mau5trap
21. ilduce39 (Tainted)
23. Big Mike's brother

24. Rick Grimes

26. Appels (Town Commander of the Watch)

My target kill for tonight will be Time Lord, unless he can explain why he was immune to investigations.

Doctor please protect me, I know you're still out there?

Also, if you are a TP, please PM me your role, abilities and what you did each rd. Hoping we can trace the mafia scums down and build an alliance together. I understand that the only way I can truly prove my identity is by killing the person I said I would at night, but I'm hoping the I've done enough.

In terms of the cult, they can be quite problematic, but if we're able to build the TP alliance right now, they should be taken care of.

And Sorry for killing MR in the first round :bigblush:

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