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Do you wish the Canucks could emulate the success of the Leafs right now?


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They're supposed to be perennially horrible, but they sure are picking it up right now. Wouldn't have thought they would beat the Ducks, let alone with SIX goals!

emulate the leafs? Are you a leafs fan? The leafs should actually emulate the Canucks instead and I think they have tried that by hiring Burke as GM, then promoting Nonis as GM then getting Canucks sloppy second players in Booth, Santorelli, Raymond etc.

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I'm sure the OP thought this thread was going to be a condemnation of the Canucks when he wrote it but looking at the relative positions of the two teams he should be begging admin to close it down as it is a constant reminder of just how things change in hockey and a constant embarrassment to him that he should show so little faith in his team.

I actually have more respect for teams like the Canucks and the Leafs who try to soldier on through adversity rather than let themselves go like the Oilers and Panthers, just to get high picks. There should imo be a limit to just how many concurrent seasons a team can pick from the top 10.

In any case as we all know top picks are not always a guarantee of success.

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