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Do you wish the Canucks could emulate the success of the Leafs right now?


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I was at the game last night. I was hoping to see what I usually see. Tough, fast western teams coming in and blowing past the Leafs D all night. It didn't happen. For the second game in a row that I've attended, the Leafs dominated a strong Western Conference team. I did get to witness the 9-2 Nashville beat down though.

I'm not sure they are going to falter this year as much as they have in the past. They are very deep and the D is much better. The shots against are sneaking back up but it sucks. I actually think they are pretty good. In the past few years you could be fairly confident of the spring swoon but I don't know now. I'm not sure I can handle the Leafs making a playoff run.

Oh and Kesler is a good freaking hockey player. I'd say he was the best player on the ice last night. It is tough to lose a guy like that. So far the Canucks have survived it but when he is on, he is really a pleasure to watch.

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I don't understand this thread. One could similarly ask if we wish we could emulate the success of Anaheim (47 pts in 33 games,) Chicago (45 pts in 32 g, won last 2) etc.

I would like the Canucks to have done better over the last 5 games. What connection does that have to how the Leafs, or any other particular team, is doing?

Is the original post just a troll intended to demonstrate dislike of Toronto?


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No because I don't necessarily think that the Leafs are playing good hockey. They're getting hecka lucky to win some of these games, but I don't see it yielding any significant success in the long run. The key to long term success in the key times is to make sure that a team is playing the right way.

We're not there yet either. The D is too inconsistent and the Sedins are no longer producing at a point per game rate, but I don't think the Leafs are there either

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Please let this be the thread that gets you suspended

But no, the Leafs success?

What success do you speak of?

No Finals' appearances since 66-67? 1 playoff series in almost a decade in a lockout shortened season?

Or 6 games in a row? Because if you look carefully even Buffalo is doing that.

I for one don't think that is the kind of success to emulate because after the main roster the Leafs have nobody for depth, tight to the cap and aren't doing anyone any favours, nor will anyone do them any.

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