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For me it's a toss up between Trev and the Steamer, but leaning to Trev.

For those who never watched Steamer play, think heart and soul guy who banged and crashed every shift and was the emotional leader of the team. He just didn't have a tonne of skill.

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Who is this team's best Captain?

LOL at censored! Thanks for that, hated censored so much.

not enough members here have experienced all the captains, so it becomes their favorite captain....

i've seen them all and my pick would be the steamer....

Steamer was the best captain I'm sure, but voted Linden as I grew up watching him play and only saw the last 5 years or so of Steamer at my young age.

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surprised McCarthy doesn't have at least a few votes since he's one of only 3 captains to get this team to the cup finals

I know we got destroyed by the Islanders, but nobody was beating that team back then.

Well, he did break his ankle before the Cup run (or so I hear).

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3 captains have taken this team to the finals, so it's easy to vote based on that. It's not like any of us have been in the locker room to see who the best leader actually was/is though.


Still gonna vote though. And as much as I love Linden I gotta go with my boy Nazzy.

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I thought Nazzy was a great leader and really was the driving force behind the WCE as well as a man of great character, so I voted Nazzy.

Naslund was great, but always choked when it mattered. For me, it's Linden just over Hank. Trev regularly put the team on his shoulders, was amazing off ice, and a true leader. There will never be another captain like Trev.

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