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Who is your least favourite player on the Canucks? Who do Think Deserves to get Benched, Waived, etc


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This is purely an opinion thread. I'd love to get a feel for some of the players that people on this forum downright do not like (either based on their play our other intangibles).

For me, my least favourite player is Ronalds Kenins. I don't think he brings much in terms of a fine skill set. In my opinion he is a very run of the mill fourth line / ahl player. His 3 goals this season have been more lucky than anything else. He seems to have a lot of turn overs in the offensive zone and generally does not have a whole lot of hockey sense. Also lately he's been given some absolute gifts of passes and has shown absolutely no finish. I acknowledge that he plays hard and hits but, seriously, a lot of players in the league can do that.

The main reason I don't like him is because people on this forum seem to be absolutely high on the guy - As if he is beyond a generic 4th liner / career ahler. I saw someone post recently proposing the idea of Kenins winning the calder next year. I mean, seriously, what the heck? that's ABSURD!

Let me know what y'all think.

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- Never anticipates, always chases. (it's like a scrimmage for him when he's on the ice with the amount of laps he takes chasing the puck from one end to the other.)

- Refuses to play physically.

- Constantly doing flyby's when he could be pressuring the opposition.

- Has severe tunnel vision, unless he's looking in a straight line and making eye contact with a passing option he will not dish the puck.

There you have it. Why I hate the player CDC is in love with in a nutshell. That being said, I don't think he should be benched or waived. That's kind of dumb.

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Not a big fan of Kassian either. I want him to succeed but he's just nit very likeable. Doesn't play the way a guy of his size and skill should play and that pisses me off sometimes.

As for who should be benched. Both Kenins and Vey. Kenins was very serviceable in the first 10 games he played but has fallen off. Sloppy play at both ends and hasn't brought much else lately. If he can get the urgency back he can be a good 4th liner. Vey has skill, you can tell by the way he plays, but he gets knocked off the puck for too often and has been dreadful on faceoffs.

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