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Who will you be cheering for now?

-Vintage Canuck-

Who will you be cheering for now?  

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Red Wings, wouldn't hate it if Habs take it.

Blackhawks (how the hell did that happen?)

Want the Ducks to physically decimate the Phlegms. I will watch that series just to see Ferland get wrecked. Johnny and the heartbreakers too. They bug me. They're the new Blackhawks to me and Blackhawks are suddenly one of my favourites??

Like to see AV do well...Rangers. I'm ok with that.

Wow, how far I've fallen.

I hear ya.

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Anyone but Chicago. I know they are really good team, but I'm tired of always seeing the same teams win. That's why I was so glad that Boston and especially L.A. did not make it. Would be nice to see a Canadian team win, heck even a team like the Wilds, Caps or Isles would be really nice.

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