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[Article] The Swift Decline of Hockey Night in Canada

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Totally agree that it's sheer idiocy letting Tim Thompson go. Their intros are so corporate and lame now.

Ironic that they hire a VJ and then cut a great producer that used music brilliantly in his videos. Some examples.

WARNING: Offensive content. He uses Ron Maclean in a lot of his intros and of course the obligatory Maple Leafs footage.

"Fly At Night" by Chilliwack (Good BC band) opens Hockey Night In Canada on the night Pavel Bure had his number retired before the Toronto Maple Leafs played the Vancouver Canucks on November 2nd, 2013


other HNIC intros

‪The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" - 2013 Hockey Night In Canada Closing Montage‬


"For Whom The Bell Tolls" by Metallica for the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs on Hockey Night In Canada.


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Cherry = Because he is atleast honest;

Friedman = Intelligent and knows how to stir the pot with red faced Healy and numpty boy Stock.

Stromboli = Not the best guy for the job but atleast he is entertaining.


Maclean: Idiot and an arrogant douche;

Hughson: Personal opinion and own reasons. He is too arrogant. Voice is good though;

Simpson: Mediocre defencemen when he played, mediocre announcer/analysts now lol. Add the fact that he is too bias against the Canucks when he is commentating;

Healy: Pompous A$$ lol. He should just wear a Laffs jersey every time he opens his douchebag mouth;

Stock: Still wet behind the ears and still speaks like a dumb jock lol;

Oake: Has the personality of an accountant (no offence too all you accountants lol).

Who I would like to see as an analysts? Denis Potvin. Articulate and well thought out. And an amazing defencemen when he played for the Islanders.

Recommendations to fire:

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I remember the days when I would sit and wait, so excited, for that intro for a canucks playoff game and get chills. When the commentators were fun to listen to, when the interviewers between periods had solid questions instead of ones nowadays that make me roll my eyes or cringe a little...

I would sit and listen to everything in the intermission but now as soon as the period is over I'm like hmmm what can I watch in 17 mins.

HNIC was amazing. Now it's complete crap and it makes me sad.

Also, how does no one who matters see how terrible Healy is? He's like the Mark Spector of CBC. Surprised he manages to avoid drooling all over himself, he's such a complete brainless twat.

Edit: hahaha twa* changes to umbrella. God bless you CDC.

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Rogers did the HNIC deal for content. In essence that becomes the problem as hockey is flooded over many venues. It makes no dif if I miss HNIC because I can pick up games elsewhere. HNIC was always Saturday night and later Wed was added.

Cherry: Will always be great IMHO. Still enjoy his stik.

MacLean: I will admit he does a nice job of the Sunday series as he moves thru the country. That said I will never forgive a mindset that thought he could skid Alex Burrows out of the NHL. That is what he tried to do plain and simple.

Strombo: I can understand the neophyte being educated by the retired NHL vets but it gets tired. IMO

the MC focal point should be challenging Hrudy and the boys not fawning on them.

Philosophy: The attitude of the network really has not change from that of the CBC or TSN. It is TO

centric and very much NHL ownership supportive. As an industry I do not think the NHL has been challenged enough over the years.

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It started the moment they lost the hockey night in canada song to TSN

Strombo isn't helping and the fact we still get stuck with the same people announcing and in between periods is atrocious.

Ya...it's bad.

they don't really have a choice as SN is in control now. CBC takes whatever scraps SN throws them. It's disgusting what has happened to our once great public tv and radio network, and I hope whomever gets in after Harper makes efforts to restore to something resembling it's former self. It is a key element in retaining our cultural, historical and social identity as Canadians.

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Maybe there is no decline. The stats are not terribly substantial when you consider how big a percentage of the overall population is made up of Leaf nation. Even a year ago tickets to the ACC were extremely expensive. Over the course of this year that has dropped so dramatically that they weren't filling up even after steeply discounted tickets. If one could assume a similar cooling off from the viewership that easily makes up for the drop off.

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As for the old outro montages I'm glad theyre gone.

They used all the same techniques used to whip up nostalgia and emotion of historical games, series and teams, etc...

It always seemed entirely out of place in the context of a game i'd just finished watching.

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Being 51 yrs old I think I have a better grasp on the fundamental underlying reason why all these hockey broadcasts have gone down the tube.

You all criticize this person and that person and so on and so on.

I find it disturbing that none of you realize that the real reason the broadcasts aren't what they used to be is because they got rid of


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I don't like all the gimmicks. Wall of pucks, guys talking in front of nets of glass ice and stuff like that.

If you are going to demonstrate stuff like that, get actual players fitted with equipment to demonstrate these things.

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They just have to have the right personnel. I never really had a problem with McLean and Cherry in Coaches Corner, but hated McLean as the host. I also don't have a problem with Strombo. At least he's a competent reporter/anchor.

Most of the "analysts" can go. I'd rather have a non-ex-player who knows the game and can report on it articulately (McKenzie, Friedman, Gino Reda) or smart ex-players (Ferraro, Garrett, Weekes [though not as a commentator]) doing the analyzing, lest it becomes a pissing contest for the fired up jocks. The commentators of the games could use some work too. My appreciation of Hughson went way down this year, and I've never liked Simpson or Healy. Hockey has some beauty PBP guys like Shorthouse, Miller, Cuthbert, Cole, just to name a few, and whoever is broadcasting the games should scoop them up.

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CBC goes with the theme of hiring a bunch of heels to generate controversy versus insight. I'm sure the network is well aware that Stock and Healy are morons, but people talk about them, and thus they are seen as a 'success'.

The hilarious part is that both Stock and Healy act like they are their on their own merit.

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