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(Proposal) Van-Mtl/Col/NYR

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Vancouver: LW Chris Higgins (+?)

Montreal: D Dalton Thrower

-Montreal is gearing up for a cup run. Higgins can add a good depth addition to their lineup and could do the same for Montreal as he did for us when we went to the finals.

-Thrower is stuck behind Tinordi, Beaulieu and Juulsen now. I dont see him getting a shot in their lineup. he is a RHD shot and a local boy.

Vancouver: D Dan Hamhuis

Colorado: Col1st '16, Conditional 2nd (If Hamhuis re-signs)

-Defense is Colorado's biggest weakness. Hamhuis makes them better. he would be a great fit with Tyson Barrie

-We get an additional 1st of this draft

Vancouver: RW Radim Vrbata

New York Rangers: NYR 1st '16, LW Ryan Gropp

-NYR just lost St. Louis but don't have anyone to replace him. Their team is in a win now mode. Vrbata gives them a top line goal scoring threat to replace St. Louis.

-We get an additional 1st this year and a power forward from Kamloops.

That leaves us with 3 1st round draft picks. we can finally stock the defense cupboard with high end talent

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I assume these are trade deadline moves and not before the season starts out. Higgins was one of the biggest reasons our PK ranked 2nd in the league last year, and Hamhuis is our only good all round defenseman so both should get what you have proposed at the deadline. But why do it before then? If we can't resign Hamhuis during the season and we are out of the playoffs than rent him (and we should get 1st for that). Same with Vrbata.

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No room for Higgins in Montreal.



de La Rose-Eller-Kassian

Smith-Pelly-T. Mitchell-Weise

Flynn, Bournival

We've traded Kassian and Weise there now, that enough. Colorado deal you're right on, but I had Vrbata going to Colorado in my Deadline, that's where he fits. Rangers are done giving up 1sts.

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No way Montreal does that. Higgins may get a 2nd or 3rd at the TD, so Montreal would have to value Thrower at that price as well.

I see no reason to why they wouldn't. I mean he was less than spectacular in the ECHL last season. Honestly, I like Thrower, but he really isn't looking as promising as he did 2 years ago. I wouldn't trade Higgins for him straight up at this point.

I would definitely take the other 2 deals though, however like someone else mentioned, I doubt Colorado gives up a 1st for a rental player when they are far off from being contenders, even with Hammer.

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I think the rangers could bite for Verby, you are correct in that they are in win now mode, and playing in the eastern conference means they have as good a shot as anybody.

The other deals I do not think will happen. I am guessing we re-sign Hammer, I do not think Benning has the cahones to trade him to a division rival.

As for Higgins, we can keep dreaming but since he was labelled a glue guy, and is only a 2.5 mill cap hit, excellent PK guy as well, we will most likely keep him. Not too much interest in the league for an above 30 defensive specialist. Teams think they can get a young guy for cheap to fill that role.

Great effort Ken Kaniff and tell Shady I said hi.

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Why does Colorado give up a first for a rental defensemen when they didnt even make the playoffs last year?

Colorado missed last year but they made it the year before and were a good team. They can for sure make the playoff next year and by trade deadline Hamhuis would be a very intriguing piece for them

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1. Trade 3-as things stand now the Rangers are tight against the cap and would have no room for Vrbata, so they'd have to find some way to make space.

2. Trade 2-Like some others I don't understand why Colorado would do this. Further, Hammer has a full ntc and unless Colorado really turns things around, it's hard to see why he'd waive to go to Colorado.

3. Trade 1-Thrower is an interesting target. Has he recovered fully from his ankle surgery? Is he still seen as much of a prospect? Like probably pretty much everybody on here, I didn't see him at all this past season. At first blush, 6 pts in 37 ECHL games with a -19 in his draft + 3 season doesn't appear encouraging, even on a horrible team, but I don't know whether or not it means much of anything. It also isn't encouraging and again may or may not mean anything that Habs fans on hfboards voted on their prospects and Thrower ranked #27 this summer: http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=1933727.

It's the sort of situation I don't have enough knowledge about to form much of an opinion whether Thrower is worth trading an asset for.

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I remain of the belief we do not have a heir apparent for Hamhuis. Gotta try and re-sign him. He's a local boy. There's a way to get a deal done.

Vrbata? We have Jake then Boeser coming down the pipeline. Have at the best return! :towel:

Same with Higgins. How big is Thrower?

No to the Hamhuis trade. Yes to the Higgins trade. Doubt Rangers give up that much again for a rental

Did you see what Sather gave up for St Louis? :wacko:

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