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[Discussion]Goligoski VS Yandle


Goli VS Yandi  

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Next season it is quite likely that the Canucks will continue to have a couple dmen who are still a bit wet behind the ears (e.g., Hutton and Pedan). I'd rather someone who can bring a bit of stability to help keep the kids calm. Every shift seems like an adventure for Keith Yandle. Sometimes its a wonderful adventure to a tropical destination, sometimes its like you took a trip to Prague and are now part of the plot to 'Hostel'.

Goli would be my preference of the two.

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1 hour ago, J.R. said:

Two of the three? ::D

Yandle/Goli, Buff
Edler, Tanev
Hutton, Sbisa

But seriously...I doubt we get Buff. One, I'm not convinced that big frame/his ability isn't going to deteriorate FAST in a few years given his age and don't like that we'd likely have to give him a TOP dollar 6-8 year contract to nab him making his contract an absolute ANCHOR in a few years.

Two, I have a feeling a near-contender will offer him those things and he's going to go with wherever pays AND gets him a good shot at a cup. That's not us.



1 hour ago, J.R. said:

To be more clear, I don't mean deteriorate due to punishment/injuries etc but guys slow down in their mid 30's. BIG guys even more so. He represents a VERY large risk in 3+ years IMO And there's very little chance he's only signing for 3-4 years (for exactly that reason).


1 minute ago, D-Money said:

If he gets to free agency, I'd probably take Byfuglien over either.


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3 hours ago, Canuck Surfer said:

Its a fair question?

3 years ago I was a Buff basher; his inconsistencies contributed to by run ins ice cream and triple decker hamburgers for breakfast inclusive.

But he's been lean and in shape for more than two years now. He tends to break other peoples bodies less than his appears broken at this stage. 

As for us and being competitive? 

Our power to generate offense is due to rise naturally over the next two years. We are bigger and faster up front than last year.  And have the natural growth of Hutton, McCann, Jake, Baertschi & Bo to drive our goals for up! That's before integrating Shinky & Boeser, top flight snipers.

But we also have to drive down our goals against. We are faster on D this year. But softer and near wimpy sized. Our D is an easy match up physically. It says a lot when your most physical D is 203lb Sbisa.  And with all do respect to Bartkowski, still significantly missing puck skill.  Buff, one of Pedan or Tryamkin and another RH PMD could skyrocket our ability to both compete physically AND add puck talent.

I suppose its a lot to expext all three of those parts (Buff, a righty PMD and one of our big rooks)?  Demers and Buff would be well invested money that has the potential to make us significantly competitive almost right away!




Add to it drafting Juolevi...



Really? :rolleyes:

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It's hard to say without knowing each of their demands. The chief concern in free agency is not just getting your target but not massively overpay for their services. 

Yandle to me is the better player. Other than his defensive acumen he excels in every other category than Goligosky but if he wants Letang money then you probably have to reconsider. At the end of the day you do not want to walk away with an albatross on your hands.

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Our top priority for the offseason should be resigning some of our expiring contracts. We have about 19 million in cap space, this should be done easily. We don't need to resign Vrbata, Prust, Vey, or Weber. Hamhuis is a tough call, but I think he will sign a hometown discount for his later years. The guys that we need to resign are Baertschi, Cracknell, Etem, Hamhuis, Pedan and Biega. Trade Higgins for a 7th in the offseason. He won't help our cap at all since he is with Utica right now. We should be able to get these guys on fairly good contracts:


Baertschi: 3-years, 2 million per

Etem: 3-years, 1.5 million per

Cracknell: 2-years, 1.25 million per

Hamhuis: 2-years, 2 million per

Pedan: 3-years, 1 million per

Biega: 3-years, 1.25 million per


Total Cap Spent: 9 million

Total Cap Space: 10 million


From here, I don't think we should be signing any big name players. We just need one or two defensmen. We are set with young upcoming wingers with Baertschi, Shinkaurik, Gaunce, Virtanen and eventually Boeser. Having the ability to open a roster spot when we need to is invaluable, and we are seeing the effects of it now with Higgins being sent down. The defensmen I think we should pursue is Demers. He wouldn't revolutionize our defends by any means, but he is a steady improvement.


Demers: 4-years, 4.5 million per


Total Cap Spent: 4.5 million

Total Cap Space: About 5.5 million


This leaves us with plenty of cap space and a much better defense. We don't get any high end wingers, but we don't need them right now with our young guys ready to come up. 


2016-17 Lineup:


Sedin - Sedin - Burrows

Baertschi - Horvat - Hansen

Gaunce* - Sutter - Dorsett

Etem - McCann - Virtanen

Shinkaurik*, Cracknell (Gaunce and Shinkaurik rotate)


Edler - Tanev

Hamhuis - Demers

Hutton - Sbisa

Pedan, Biega





That is a better lineup than we had this year, and we have an infinitely better cap situation. In 2016-17, we have Burrows, Horvat, Hutton, Markstrom and Miller coming off the books. We can probably let Miller walk/ trade him, but we need new contracts for Horvat, Hutton, Markstrom and Burrows. 


The year after, we have the Sedins, Hansen, McCann, Virtanen, Edler and Sbisa all needing new contracts. Depending on Sbisa/Hutton's improvement, he might not need a contract, but the rest of them will. That's why we need to make sure we have the cap space for the future now.



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2 hours ago, SwedeHockey said:



Really? :rolleyes:

Bolland's wedding, July 2012.

FTR I clearly alluded to weight issues creating inconsistencies in his game earlier in his career. Earlier in this thread.

Sign him with a weight or body mass index clause. From what I understand he's in pretty good shape atm.

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14 hours ago, ForsbergTheGreat said:

If you get a Hamonic/Gudbranson than I want yandle.  Gudbranson becomes your hard to play against D where Yandle brings the offence.  

That's an interesting take. All or nothing :lol:

As I've said, I'm not opposed to Yandle but I'd wager Benning would be more keen on the slightly harder to play against Goli, Hamonic or Goli, Gudbranson duo.

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On 1/14/2016 at 2:55 PM, J.R. said:

I feel Goligoski is just a bit harder to play against making him more of a "Benning-type player". AKA the style of game we want the team to play.

Really, I'd be fine with either if anything like my above scenario comes true though! It would be so nice to have a legit offensive D to play with the twins again before they retire. Yandle or Goli!

Sure would help revive our PP (along with the young forwards, Hutton etc pushing from the 2nd unit).

Yeah I can see that. I guess I just think Yandle would be better with the Sedins. 

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