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Virtanen, McCann, Cassells, Gaunce + 1st pick for Matthews

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Ummm no...


The big question mark is the 1st round pick... we could end up with a second through fifth pick... that would be giving away too much future,


sorry to say it one excellent player doesn't make up for 4 very good players and 1 almost as excellent player.

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45 minutes ago, Lockhart said:

Such a massive over payment.





It would take 






Virtanen prob 


If we had it i would only consider it from Arizona for






OR simply saying,


I wouldnt trade that pick

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The closest comparison in history would be the Lindros Trade. Now Matthews is nowhere near as hyped as Lindros, but just for fun:


Forsberg = Canucks first round pick this year. For fun lets say Dubois. 
Hextall = Markstrom
Duchesne = Tanev

Huffman = Sbisa
Ricci = Horvat
+ two first round picks

I don't think I would give up Dubois, Markstrom, Tanev, Sbisa, Horvat, plus two 1st round picks for Matthews. Matthews is a fairly highly touted pick, but not a generational player. Good comparable would be Tavares. 

While the Islanders built around Tavares, it was their depth which took them from a crappy team to a playoff team. Even with a solid  supporting cast upfront of  Okposo, Strome, Nielsen, Nelson, Lee, and Bailey (all over 40 points), some solid bottom six players in Martin and Clutterbuck, and an average D/goalie group of Harmonic, Leddy, Boychuck and Halak they are not an elite team. 


I don't think the Canucks are as bad as their record indicates. 

The Canucks have the 7th most man games lost: https://www.mangameslost.com/nhl-man-games-lost-april-2-2016/


Also: Edmonton (1st) and the Vancouver Canucks (2nd) face the greatest cumulative impact of injured forwards or defensemen by the IIT-skater metric. The Colorado Avalanche and LA Kings have faced the least impact due to injuries

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40 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Why not wait until the draft lottery? The first round pick you are including in that package could just turn out to be Matthews.

No kidding. I was thinking along the lines of having the 2nd overall, trade it (which will be one of the two fins) plus the dead weight mentioned. Nobody here could say any of that Canucks property could produce in the Swiss league the way Matthews has. Who's our numer 1 centre when Hanks tank dries?

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45 minutes ago, Patrick Kane said:

virtanen upside = torres prime (20g/20a)  - 40pts

mccann upside  = legwand (20g/30a) - 50pts

cassels = bust

gaunce = bust

1st = could be outside top 4.. if its top 3, probably not worth it

How is Gaunce or Cassels a bust?


Virtanen also has more points than McCann if I'm not mistaken too. WTF?

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Is that a joke? 5 first rounders for 1? 


Matthews may be a franchise-worthy center but lets be conservative and look at what's likely to happen.


Matthews: 18-20 minute franchise center like Kopitar, good for a few 80 point seasons and likely future captain.


McCann: 2nd line center, maybe top line for a year or two, peaking around the 20-30 goal, 60 point mark for a few seasons at best.

Virtanen: 1st/2nd line winger, 30 goal physical goal scorer at best

Gaunce: 2nd line center/winger at the best but more likely a consistent 3rd line grinder, 20 goals at best but more likely a consistent 10-15 goal, 30-40 point scorer

Cassels: Who knows, yet to have much AHL success but likely an in-and-out 3rd to 4th liner

1st round pick: Going to be a top-10 if not top-5 pick, could be Chychrun who may be a top-4 to even top-2 NHL defenceman consistently



With all that in mind if we want to trade up from say the 5th-6th pick (which is the furthest we'll drop it seems), I think we only need to include one of those former 1st round picks to secure it. My bet would be to include a center like Gaunce, McCann or Horvat to acquire a center in Matthews. Horvat is pretty much untouchable and becoming this franchise's new face, Gaunce probably isn't worth enough which leaves McCann as the seemingly possible trade chip. I'd rather keep him but Matthews for a 1st + McCann would be pretty nice. Then again so would Chychrun and McCann...

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