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[Discussion] If CDC ran the canucks

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What issue exists on the 'net, where there's an agreeable consensus? Particularly anything with hardcore-fanfare.


But the media dub our org as having the worst fans. Oh..right.


I'd love to know hard numbers. How many $$$ have our over-charged Van(& Cdn fans, in general) dedicated to the welfare-concept, NHL growth in the tropics? Then media scum like dregs, healy, stock, et al,  circulate & associate negativity with our team/fanbase, to an extent that gullible backers get some kind of negative complex.


I don't mind the diverse opinions at all. Be rather boring otherwise.


This site is great, because people are truly passionate in their interest. There are some excellent posters, featuring a lot of keen insight.

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We would fire JB

Trade the Sedins for several of those important 2nd rnd pics JB gave away

Trade burrows for a bag of pucks and a pack of 1980s vintage opee gee hockey cards

Promote Bo to first line C

2nd C McCann (who we re-aquire by sending Tanev + Hansen + 1st to Florida)

We fire Linden and steal Shannahan and Lou Lamoriello from TO

We then purposely bench Bo, McCann, Virt, Tryamkin and Hutton to ensure a tank thus allowing us to pick in the top 3 and cementing our future as a perennial cup champion.

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Just now, TimberWolf said:


No, this is a heavily pro Benning board.

Yes, it is now. But I have followed this board for a long time and not too far back there was a lot of Benning hate.

As of late, now that he is proving his worth and abilities, the posts have become more positive.

Also, just having fun with the various opinions I have seen over the last few months.

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4 hours ago, Roger Neilson's Towel said:




5 hours ago, richado said:

Our draft research would consist of finding the 'best dangles' in prospects' youtube highlight reels.


We would piss off every GM by repeatedly offering them our current equivalent of Raymond+Ballard+1st for every good player that becomes available.


5 hours ago, Chris said:

We'd be bankrupt within 3 seasons, the roster will have changed at LEAST 150 times, Every time a player goes a single game without putting up a point he's traded for whichever flavour of the week put up a hat trick the night before.

Jesus, i LOLed so hard.  Gotta stop eating and reading CDC at same time...

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Just now, smithers joe said:

except we would not give up 2nd round picks, just 7th round picks...

True.  I will post a retraction and add that we trade E. Kane with one of those 7th rounders as that is likely how low his stock is now...

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Charizard     Kopitar    Tony Montana

Bruce Lee    Rambo    The Rock

Dirty Harry    Cyborg   Superman 

We don't need no stinkin' 4th liners


King Kong     Godzilla

Thor              SWAT team

        Shea Weber







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15 hours ago, Hairy Kneel said:

Kassian would be captain.

Nah, we never would have seen Kassian in a canucks uniform; CDC never would have Traded Hodgson.


But then again, the canucks never would have drafted Hosgson... Kyle Beach anyone?  

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