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As fans of sport, there are a few events you need to or want to experience before you die. My personal sports bucket list is very diverse covering many different sports and events on different continents and in different countries. I am very curious to see what you have put on this list.


Without further ado, I present to you my Sport's Bucket List in no particular order


1. Attend the Rose Bowl

As a huge college football fan, the Rose Bowl is without at the top of my bucket list. In the ever changing world of CFB, there is just something about this game, in the historic stadium that makes the Rose Bowl a special event.


2. USC vs Notre Dame- The Battle for the Jeweled Shillelagh in South Bend

As I mentioned before I am a massive CFB fan, and this game between two of the most storied programs in the game is something that I aspire to attend before I kick the bucket. Being a USC fan this game is our biggest on the schedule. Beating UCLA is fine and dandy, beating Stanford (most of the time) is swell, but the season is all but lost if we do not knock off the ND. I want to see this game in south bend because the ND faithful provide an atmosphere unmatched in CFB, in a historic stadium.


3. North London Derby

Arsenal and Spurs have an incredible rivalry that has produced some truly fantastic matches over the years. If I could go to only one arsenal match in my life it would be this game. In fact, I would rather see this derby once, than 10 normal premier league games.


4. Old Firm

Despite not being a supporter of either side, I feel like this is the biggest rivalry in soccer. The politics, religion, and history that go into the match make it incredibly intriguing even if your not a fan of soccer. If ever given the chance to go to this match, I would not pass it up.


5. See Italy play at European Championship or World Cup

I am 3 quarters Italian. I was raised in an Italian household, was talked to in Italian when I was young by my grandparents. Hell, I still have pasta for breakfast every once in a while. Watching soccer is something that I share with my grandfather on my mother's side. Growing up I would sleep over on Saturday nights watch the Canucks on HNIC then on Sunday mornings wake up early and watch Serie A on Rai TV with my grandpa. During International tournaments, all his brothers came over to watch the Azzurri play. You have no idea the amount of vulgar language that was used when they were together. One of his brothers has since passed, and the other doesn't move around very well so watching the Azzurri together does not happen anymore. My grandfather is getting up there in age and before I settle down, I would like to go on a trip to see the Azzurri play live with him.


6. See Yankees vs Red Sox at Fenway with my best friend

The NYY are a team I have supported ever since I was young. My first MLB game was in Seattle in 2003 and we saw the Yankees play. I became a Yankee fan for life when Derek Jeter flipped me a ball during batting practice. Obviously, the Yankees biggest rival is the Bosox. My best friend since the 4th grade just so happens to be a big red sox fan (I know gross right). Fenway is, aside from Wrigley, the most recognizable and historic field in baseball. To be able to do this with him would be priceless.


Last but certainly not least 


7. Be at the game when the Canucks hoist Lord Stanley's Mug.

This is probably on everyone's bucket list. It doesn't matter how much It costs, or how far I have to travel. To witness your favorite team hoist the Stanley Cup for the first time is special. It is something you can tell your children, your grandchildren about. "I was there when our captain, Bo Horvat, scored the overtime winner in game 6 of the cup finals, and I was there when he hoisted the cup above his head". It gives me chills just thinking about it.


So this is my Sport's bucket list I am looking forward to what you have on your's!


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See Canucks win Cup

Play a round at Pebble Beach

Go to a NFL game (top matchup game). The kind that is so boisterous that I need Advil half way through.

Watch Canadians at Olympics in a good viewing event (volleyball or basketball probably)

See Leafs demoted to ECHL


Take my Honey to a Canucks game in Vancouver


+1 for a great topic RB :)

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Canucks vs Devils

Avs vs Wings


Riders vs Lions


Jets vs someone

Raiders vs someone


Red Sox vs Mariners/Braves


Rush vs Stealth


Pistons vs Celtics


Whitecaps vs TFC


Also, watching the Canucks and Pats win their respective championship trophies ;) 

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Run the Boston and/or New York City Marathon

See the Pittsburgh Steelers play at Heinz Field

Play a round of golf at Pebble Beach (as Shift-4 mentioned)

Attend a Superbowl

Attend a SCF game (where the Cup is won by VAN)

Be the photographer for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition (lol, that's kind of like sports?)


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See Canucks win a cup


Attend a playoff game for the Titans in


Nashville/just see a regular season game


Blue Jays playoff game 


be on the 18th green at Augusta on Sunday


see Kentucky derby live


Attend a Giants game at the LEC


win the beer league title 

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I had a dream or ambition couple of years ago to watch games in classic arenas (ex: Joe Louis, MSG, etc) but seeing as many of them have now been closed down, looks like that dream is over.


Watch a Patriots game live at Gillette Stadium or watch a Pats game live before the great Tom Brady retires.


Watch an NHL game in every arena in the NHL. 



That's it for now...

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  1. Watch a NFL Game at either Gillette(New England) or AT&T(Dallas)
  2. Watch a Florida Gator game at the Swamp(with some Florida hotties)
  3. Watch a Heavyweight Championship Boxing Fight at Madison Square Gardens or MGM Grand
  4. Attend the Canucks Stanley Cup Parade


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1 minute ago, Drive-By Body Pierce said:

How can I (or I would suspect anyone who is a part of this forum) not say the final game of the Stanley Cup Final! Seeing the cup hoisted in person! ...And, by the Canucks! ...And after game 7! ...And on home ice!


@Strombone, your avatar gif was killin' me, just while trying to type my couple lines. =D

Holy Alignment of Stars, Batman!!!

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1. Attend a Canucks game in Vancouver.

2. Watch the Canucks win the Stanley Cup.

3. Watch the Blue Jays win a world Series.

4. Watch the Raptors win the NBA Finals.

5. Watch the Rams win the Super Bowl.

6. See the Raptors/Rams play at home.

7. Attend a Canucks, Blue Jays, Raptors, Rams playoff game.

8. Win cities in High School football

9. Watch a game at Fenway + Yankee Stadium.


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