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[Discussion] Virtanen Injured in First Preseason Game


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3 hours ago, Derp... said:

lol, see actual thread below.



we don't need any more jabroni moderators


10 minutes ago, Gooseberries said:

So what's the plan here. Have an injury thread for every player all year?

sounds good to me!. i heard the towel guy separated his shoulder

4 hours ago, shiznak said:

Didn't anybody tell you the internet is serious business?

 @Caknuckle Puck and @HockeyHarry just made THE LIST

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1 minute ago, Gooseberries said:

I'm hungover. Create an injury thread for me. 


Upper body. Out indefinitely. 

upper body, multiple contusions in the ribs, wrists and knees, out 8-10 weeks, unless someone from another team calls his ass out, he's suddenly cleared to face the heel team, NEXT week

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