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Besides 2011, which team was most primed to win the Stanley Cup?

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The Canucks have had some pretty stacked teams despite their inability to win the big one. I'm actually going to go with the 2014 team. I think if we started Miller we could have beaten Calgary pretty easily and given Anaheim a very difficult match. Bonino, Richardson all played well. Kassian could have been real difference makers if they played Anaheim. 


I'm still not quite sure what happened to that 2012 team.


Hindsight is 20-20, of course.

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The 2011-12 team was a good one, but I'd have to say the 1992-93 one was one that was deadly and under-performed in the playoffs. Both the 2002-03 and the 2003-04 teams were good ones too as well as the 2006-07 team.

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The 08-09 with Mats Sundin as the 2C was very strong

Daniel - Henrik - Burrows <- 1A line

Demitra - Sundin - Kesler <- 1B line

Raymond - Wellwood - Bernier <- was actually not a detriment to the team.  Decent defensively... with Speed, Skill and Size. 

Rypien - Johnson - Hansen 

Hordichuk, Pyatt


Ohlund - Salo

Mitchell - Bieksa

Edler - O'Brien





This team should have went all the way.  Unfortunately.... Luongo was very shaky, the defense was not mobile enough, lack of PPQB.  


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When I look back now 1994 seems like it was a stacked team, but at the time I felt like we were the over-achieving underdogs. I don't think there's been a Canuck team that's ever played with as much heart and determination (maybe 1982?). So we were best poised then because of grit, but maybe not with skill.


Could 2004 been the year if Bert hadn't been out? We could have beaten Calgary at least, which feels like it could have paved the way to the finals.


And if SamJam had been right about the Schneider-Perry trade, I think 2012 would have been our year.

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As stated before, the 92-93 team had a great regular season but underperformed in the playoffs, at 12, I was a little young to understand why back then.


2002-2003 had to have been one of the most heart breaking and frustrating years.  If the Canucks had've one 1 game out of 3 from the Minnesota freaking Wild they probably would've gone on to win it all.  Burke was too stubborn to upgrade from Dan Cloutier though.


2011-2012 could've easily been the Canucks year but the quite possibly the best built team for the playoffs in NHL history drew Vancouver in round 1 and the Canucks were merely a speed bump on their way to the Stanley Cup.

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