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[Rumour] Ryan Spooner - Boston Bruins


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Heard more of this on HNIC in the intermission of the Leafs - Canucks game Dec.3rd.

Talk was that the Canucks might have interest, Spooner has a history playing with Louie Ericsson.. and of course JB has history with Boston.

Boston perhaps looking for a D man in return.

The only article I can find on Spooner moving from Boston is from about a month ago.

A fair hockey trade for this young man I'm sure.


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Just now, Ossi Vaananen said:

Was it Friedman who said this one the panel? He's about the only one I would trust.


Would they do J. Subban straight across? I'd be cautious about trading any other D-man as we're so injured right now. 



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1 hour ago, KKnight said:

I rather wait and see what Rodin can provide this team, before looking for a deal. 

Would also rather give Rodin his shot - he can't be too far out now.  Being patient and giving Rodin his opportunity won't cost us an asset.   If Rodin doesn't work out,  there's more Spooners out there imo.

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