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[Signing] Tryamkin goes to the KHL

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Nikita Tryamkin returns from the NHL in "Motorist"!

April 20, 2017

Nikita Tryamkin and "Motorist" have reached an agreement on signing a contract

Nikita Tryamkin returns to "Motorist" from the NHL. Our club reached an agreement with his pupil on signing the contract.

Nikita was born on August 30, 1994 in Yekaterinburg and began his career in hockey at the school "Spartakivets." From the season of 2011/12 he played for the youth team "Auto", and from the next year he was connected to the matches for the main part of "Motorist". Over the next three seasons, Nikita Tryamkin played for the first team and eventually became one of the club's top defenders.

The best in the "Motorist" for the overall defender was the season 2015/16, when he spent 59 games for the team, typing 12 points (4 + 8) in these matches.

In total in the KHL Nikita Tryamkin spent 211 matches, in which he scored 31 points (9 + 22).

After a successful performance for the Ekaterinburg club, Tryamkin was invited into his ranks by the NHL "Vancouver Canucks" club, which drafted our defender in 2014 under a total of 66 numbers.

In early March 2016, immediately after the end of the season in the KHL, Nikita signed a contract with the Canadian club for 2 years. The regular NHL championship by that time was coming to its end, and in his first overseas season Nikita managed to hold only 13 matches, in which he scored one goal and made one goal assist.

The second season in the NHL turned out to be full. Treyumkin has 66 matches, 2 goals and 7 assists. In total, the NHL Ekaterinburg played 79 games, which scored 11 points (3 + 8).

In the record of Nikita there is also a performance for the youth team. In 2014, as part of the national team, he became the bronze medalist of the World Youth Championship in Sweden.

Nikita Tryamkina comment about the return of "Motorist", read here.

Defenseman Nikita Tryamkin returns to @IHCAvtomobilist after one full season with @Canucks in NHL.

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I guess it's official since it's on the KHL twitter and on the team's website. Link here: http://hc-avto.ru/news/1843/


Translated an interview with Tryamkin through Google Translate below. If someone else knows Russian then feel free to put a better version. Seems like ice time was an issue. Link here: http://eanews.ru/news/sport/Nikita_Tryamkin__Ya_rad_chto_vernulsya_v_Ekaterinburg_20_04_2017/



Nikita Tryamkin returns from Canada to Yekaterinburg to play for the "Motorist". In an exclusive interview with the EAN, the hockey player told how and why he took this decision, that he thinks about today's game of "drivers" and whom he visited first of all in our city.

What are your impressions of returning to your native team?
The best, because I came back home. Emotions are the most positive.

Did you manage to meet with someone from the "Motorist" players?
No. Have not met yet. Now I still have a lot to do. Daily trips. Every day is loaded. But we agreed that we will definitely see each other in the next couple of days.

Did you meet your family?
This time was just on the family. Native, grandfather, grandmother. They did not see me and my wife for a whole year, we must also give them time. Not so that for 10 minutes to come, but really come, sit, talk.

Do not you think that your transition from the NHL is a "game for a slide"?
"Who said it's worse here?" I do not think this is a step back. The decision about our joint future was taken by the whole family. Therefore, I do not think that this step "lowered itself".

 And what became the decisive factor in the transition to "Motorist"?
In the other team, I basically could not go. In case of returning home, it was not even discussed that I would go here.

Many fans wooed you in SKA ...
"Well ... What can I do?" Everyone has their own opinion. If you listen to all opinions, how to live then?

 At one of the recent press conferences, you said that "they just wanted to play hockey." Your transition to "Motorist" is associated with the desire to get more gaming practice?
Yes. During the season I was not happy with some matches. Sometimes I just did not understand - why? I could play 20 minutes, I could play 16, I could play 12. And on what it depended, I did not understand. So, having arrived in the "Motorist", I continue to work. I have gained colossal experience both in the hall and on the ice. I want to improve. And, as I said, I do not think this is a step back.

Did you meet the head coach? He was waiting for you very much. As late as November, there were rumors about your possible return ...
I had an incomprehensible situation. I did not play the first 10 matches. Indeed, there were talks about the return, but Vancouver did not let me go, so I stayed. As it happened, it happened.


About Vladimir Krikunov goes the glory of a fairly tough coach. Are not you afraid of the upcoming fines?
And where now it is not necessary to work? Yes, and I have probably already been. Similar charges. Let's see ... We are not afraid of work.


What are your personal goals in the "Motorist"?
For you personally, first of all - to gain a foothold in the composition. Get a decent game time, and not so that for 12 minutes per game to go. This I do not want anymore. I have already experienced these feelings on myself. When you are not that you do not get pleasure from the game, but just sit, you look and understand that you can not do anything. And you just want to just enjoy the hockey, play as much as possible, try to be useful primarily to the team. Perform tasks with the command.

So you have a fighting spirit? Do not you think that you will easily win the competition with your extensive foreign experience?
No! I do not think so. I do not consider myself a star or anything. With all on equal I will fight for a place in the composition, and there already as the coaching staff decides.

Did you follow the game of your native team last season?
Yes. Woke up in the morning, while breakfast - watched the game. Experienced. The native team.

Did you follow the playoff series?
Of course I did. There were interesting matches. The final series was not bad. I remember the series when Kazan flew out. They were unlucky. This is life - someone loses, someone wins. Someone has to lose.

Many fans called this series of playoffs the most boring in the history of the KHL. Do you disagree with them?
Perhaps the fans appreciated that many of the series ended with a score of 4: 0, and they did not like it. Not enough entertainment ... In fact, I believe that all the teams fought and tried. Play-offs are games on the flight. The winner is the one who was more able to work.

Thank you very much for the interview. Maybe they would like to turn to Yekaterinburg fans?
 "I'm glad I came back." I've been playing here my whole life. Really believe that we have steep fans. I hope that we will have more people next year. I'm just glad to be back.


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22 year old first year player not satisfied with his ice time...LOL.


Honestly, as great as he could have been, that kind of attitude is not needed on a team trying to build into a contender. 


So this pretty much guarantees a long term deal for Guddy. 


Not only that, but the loss of size/hitting will probably make Bennington 9000 reconsider exposing Pizza.

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4 minutes ago, Derp... said:

Didn't they mess up his ELC too? That would have kept him here a year longer?

They initially signed him to a 3 year ELC but that was not permitted by the CBA because of his age - he could only sign for 2 years.  

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I can't believe this. This is devastating for the Canucks. They literally said that Tryamkin was their best d-man this year. Everyone heaped praise on him.


Him leaving speaks SERIOUSLY about the problems in this organization. A total disaster.


Really glad I did not renew my full season tickets, because this just basically put a nail in the coffin for this team next year.

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