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"Baby It's Cold Outside" pulled from radio


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I gotta say, I'm not that much of a fan of this song, mostly because I don't think it sounds all that great musically. But, critics are saying that this song promotes predatory behaviour.




And as a result, Rogers and CBC are pulling that song off their playlist.


For me, I really couldn't care less with regards to hearing it on the radio. BUT I will say that people who think that the song is 'dangerous' for people to listen to is seriously out to lunch. What kind of a goddamn world are we living in now?


I bet that if I defend this song, I'm suddenly going to be called a predator and someone who doesn't understand what an abused victim thinks about it. This is SO absurd.


We need a complete overhaul of this whole "political correctness" garbage. Is this seriously how we're going to be passing our time now? Nitpicking on anthem lyrics and pulling a song off the radio due to some misguided attempt to save society?


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2 minutes ago, Ryan Strome said:

Yup it's only been alright for 70 years time to change it so todays softy snowflakes don't have their feelings hurt.


Well... Merry Christmas kos

Oh shoot am I allowed to say Merry Christmas?

I am not for banning anything. I am 100 % behind freedom of expression..


Just look at most of my crappy posts i am still allowed to post here LOL


I am just saying that the guy in the song seems pretty desperate ... and that he comes across pretty pervy...


I like the song even if the guy in it sounds  like he hasn't had a  "date" in 20 years.....

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The problem is that sometimes people don't understand nuances.  

It's seems like it's predatory.... but it's actually just "part of the dance".  


The man is pursuing the woman, thus he's plying all the techniques and moves.  The woman is interested, but due to the norm of the time when the song is written, she can't just readily agree to his advances.  As such, she has to "feign" resistance to let the man (and the audience of the song) know that she's not those type of girl that will immediately drop her panties on a whim.  

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Adding to what Lancaster said, 


Isn't it totally ok for music to be suggestive and not taken literally all the time? I don't know...to me, there seems to be a tonne of music out there that is incredibly suggestive in other ways, are they going to pull that, too? 




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