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[Mafia] Hyperspace

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Master 112

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1 hour ago, otherwise said:

vote bassi


even though it probably won't count.


to me everyone left is sus but for different reasons, doesn't matter since i won't make it another round and the mafia clearly have this wrapped up and tied with a bow.

They do? Despite the fact the vig has hit scum twice?

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2 hours ago, g_bassi13 said:

I was and still am inclined to vote for MR. I don't think I have any sway with the Vig, I mean I'm probably a top target, but I'd say big kill one of MR or Otherwise. Whoever survives the vote.

You haven't been around for the first couple rounds but if you checked I was actually playing and doing so properly, e.g. game solving. DT is stuck on me being scum for who knows what reason, but he's picking the strangest things to nitpick (e.g. that I didn't lynch BW, who flipped TP). There's no way I'm getting mislynched on such flimsy evidence.


Vote otherwise for president lynching. Or DT if you prefer, but with so few of us here posting tonight this isn't really the time to start mixing things up last minute.

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Just now, Master Radishes said:

Thoughts on DT? Maybe I'm just OMGUSing but he looks like he's attempting (with unimpressive results) to powerwolf me out of the game ala Aladeen.



It could be a power wolf tactic but more likely just a tunnel.


I'm fairly sure there is only one mafia left so tough to see why he would be power-wolfing when the game likely doesn't end after this round.

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Zfetch never being present for nightfall is a usual scum-tell and although I believe he was at the game tonight, I don't think we should have just remained complacent and not taken the time to pressure him while he was at the game.


I feel we could have learned a lot from player behaviour if we started a wagon on him.

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5 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

Hopefully the vig isn't who we are voting.


4 hours ago, Alain Vigneault said:

Remove Vote.


Vote No Lynch.


3 minutes ago, Alain Vigneault said:



It could be a power wolf tactic but more likely just a tunnel.

I understand being tired from traveling, but I feel like you've become rather hesitant this round. Almost as if the outcome doesn't concern you and you don't want to commit too much to anything.

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