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Sign ufas with what money?... Also the guys we wanted are the guys we got.....also where does Gardner fit in on the LD elder Hughes Benn and even better who do you pair him with? Stetcher? Oh yea soft pairing big time and OJ isn't that far off and Rathbone will surprise some people, we needed grit and size and Benn and Myers add that to the Canucks, Gardner adds nothing we don't already have or in the pipeline.....

Thornton signed that deal to stay with the Sharks don't kid your self.....you don't think big joe couldn't have found a better deal out there? Ha 

Jim did good with his signing this year.....good depth threw and threw so don't know what your complaining about 

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59 minutes ago, BrockBoester said:

OH MAI GOD i am so tired of bening missing out all deez free agent signings like wat the frick mate we could be pickin up dirt cheep former all starts like joey thornton or jake the snake gardiner, hell we havent even thrown a few hundred Gz ben huttys way, come on JB, give your head a shake bro, my dog could run dis teem better dan u


Fire GMJB now or I'm boycottin the Nucks for the next three days


Plz forward this thread to upper Canucks mangament - thank in advance


-Nikita Tryamkin's #1 fan

he pto  landon ferraro out of the dumpster , that should appease you 

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