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[Discussion] [Discussion] Is Josh Leivo a tradeable asset?

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Is Josh Leivo a tradeable asset?


Don’t get me wrong - I do like Josh Leivo, but his role does seem to be a little undefined on the team.


1)  Does he have trade value?

2)  Would it really make a big difference to the Canucks’ line-up If Leivo wasn’t here?


My answers are “yes,” and “no,” to questions one and two.


Guys like Motte, Goldobin, Schaller, Baertschi (contract + health concerns), Sutter (contract), Eriksson (contract) have little to no trade value, but Leivo could probably fetch us something......right?















Looking at the above, the obvious choice would be to move Sutter, but I think the Canucks will need Sutter even if they plan to have Gaudette on the big club.   You need Sutter to mentor Gaudette, and to also step into the C role just Incase the growing pains are a bit much for Gaudette.

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A third/fourth rounder at worst, I like Josh ( Pearson does all of that much better ) but Josh has as much value as Goldobin on the NHL map is my guess.


Heck I have no idea if they would clear waivers, the longer it takes to be put on waivers works in their favour to be taken?



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He's probably worth about a 5th or 6th rounder at best right now and tbh, probably has almost 0 value at this point in the year, especially because keen GMs will know he might be available for free on waivers. Maybe 10 games into the season and he'll have actual value due to the waivers rush being over.

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6 hours ago, Baer. said:

Considering we traded a career AHLer for him, sure tradeable, but valuable? Not really. Maybe a 6th/7th rounder to the right team.

This ^. Much more valuable to Vancouver than what we would get in a trade (for the near future at least, as a 6th or 7th could turn out to be a diamond if we're lucky).

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Leivo is big, has a very good shot, good enough speed and most importantly he is good down low, in front of the net and along the boards.  On our team we do no have many guys who can do that kind of dirty work.  Leivo is the type of player that doesn't stand out because he does the hard work.   He is an important depth piece and is suited for playoff hockey where things tend to get a little old school at times.  

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