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Are the Edmonton Oilers Germany's team?

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Over the last years living in Germany I've noticed that every news about Hockey normally involves the Edmonton Oilers. When I see TV monitors about hockey I usually see stuff about The Oilers, when I get the German NHL feed in Facebook it's about the Oilers. Heck even my German colleagues that follow Hockey are rooting for the Oilers as one of their top teams.


I guess my question is ... are the Oilers Germany's team? 


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There are a lot of Draisaitl fans for sure. The media reports about the most successful German player. Pretty normal thing, I guess. Same thing happened when Nowitzki entered the NBA.


But I wouldn't say a majority of German hockey fans are Oilers fans. Hockey in Germany has a lot of fans who have been there since the 80s or longer (and nowadays their children who mostly inherited their fandom). So from what I can see if they even support an NHL team, there is a lot of variety. If I had to take a guess, it would be probably one of the Original Six. Not to say that can't change. If Draisaitl keeps it up and stays with the Oilers until he retires, than the Oilers will probably have a lot more fans in Germany.

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Nah. It's just that German mainstream media hardly cover any hockey and if they do, it is about the few Germans that people might know. Back in the day when Uwe Krupp won the cup for the Avalanche, they were all Colorado fans. Does not represent German fandom in general.


Still, successful athletes will convert people to become fans of their teams over time, see Nowitzki who turned half the country into Mavs fans. You may call it bandwagoners, but it is a normal process, especially for people from other countries without regional bonding to a team.

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