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Should Canada begin a military nuclear weapons program?


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I don't really see why the world needs more nuclear weapons programs. I thought we were past a lot of this after the cold war. Us coming in with a nuclear weapons program could entice other countries to do the same thing and I don't think it's a path we really want to go down.


You want to have a good defense? Have a solid space program. That's going to be the future and will likely render nukes useless at some point. Wanting a nuclear weapons program is backwards thinking at best.

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No. Spend the money that it would take on modern air defences, increasing the number of new fighters we're planning to buy, a weapons upgrade for the ice breakers, and new submarines. Probably even have money left over that could go to health care, infrastructure, or deficit reduction.

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6 hours ago, Tortorella's Rant said:

Canada should begin a 21st century military program.


6 hours ago, 6of1_halfdozenofother said:

This is something I can agree with...


...nukes are so 20th century!   :lol:



Nanoweapons. The future.






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