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[GDT] Canucks @ Devils 4:30 pm Monday, Feb. 6/23

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Canucks will have a revamped PP1 and PK1.  So will be interesting how well they do.


Also, Miller will probably be heavily relied upon to take more faceoff draws.  Let’s hope he can centre a line like the Canucks wanted at the beginning of the season.


Go Canucks Go!!!

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31 minutes ago, OldFaithfulCap said:

your gdt thread now, fyi i had noted that i was going to do it in the sign-up thread but it's fine, busy monday anyway.



OMG I missed that. I'm so sorry....if you want to post one I'll delete this one. My mistake....throw one up there and I'll trash this one, no worries. You'd think I'd know better (didn't even check the sign up thread...didn't realize people were actually using it). D'oh. Again, my apologies. I'll leave this one until you do one then I'll trash it. (Was just SO eager to move past the All Star game and the Bo stuff).



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3 minutes ago, -DLC- said:

I was just quietly settling in to tank mode but I kind of really want the guys to start winning. To start forming their new "identity/culture" post Bo.


I'm confused.


Go Canucks Go....Petey is in beast mode so look out world.

Discard those regards, we need Bedard to dance around the Oilers' Bouchard so he can kick McDavid in the McNards in order to leave the Oilers marred and scarred whenever they step into the Canucks yard. 

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