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  1. Fleury, the defenceman, is not really worth much, haha. He's a serviceable warm body, but that's about it.
  2. We have a fanbase that likes to overemphasize our failures, and minimize our successes. Where are those people now?

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      Roger Neilsons Towel

      They’re still here. Lying in wait for the next PGT after a loss so they can cherry pick. 

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  3. I'd like to see which banned account was used here previously.
  4. This was more than just that penalty. There's 60 minutes of gameplay and the Canucks didn't really hit a lot of their chances. A lot of ppl missed their shots. Furthermore, two power play goals against was a killer. Wild had answers for our lineup. We didn't have a response.
  5. Alain Vigneault got healthy scratched?! What a bum. Trade him for a bag of weed.
  6. Don't be kidding yourself. 23 goals vs 18 goals isn't much of an increase to justify an argument that Pyatt was some sort of gamechanger. Furthermore, Pyatt had more NHL seasons under his belt than Virtanen has had so far, when compared by age. Note that Virtanen is trending upward. Pyatt's stats on the other hand were inconsistent. So what's your point again about Pyatt? It's bizarre that you continue to compare these two players even though they play different styles and they are from a different time period altogether. I suppose your only interest in the comparison is 1) finding another way to bash Virtanen (poor way btw) 2) they're both easy on the eyes
  7. Actually, having someone take over one game - which is why you brought up Pyatt - is meaningless if he goes "back" to his original form. There have been games when Virtanen did well, and he's had 18 goals this season. I should mention this is equal to Pyatt's best year. Virtanen may very well be another "Pyatt", although they are very different players.
  8. Gagner also scored 8 points in one game. What's your point again?
  9. I don't think the Tkachuk thing is intentional. I've looked at the video a few times myself, trying to see if Tkachuk is dirty. He's not. Schiefele lost his balance a little and got injured. I hope the injury is not serious.
  10. But you did. Here's what you said. I think there's more to it than experience, and I also think you're underrating the NCAA game. It's a high-quality league with good competition and is particularly geared toward player development. Jack's 61 college games isn't far off of Olli's 63 AHL games + Liiga experience, especially when you consider how much training OJ has lost to injuries. This in particular shows that you've watered down the difference of the two leagues, particularly noting that 61 college games "isn't far off" 63 AHL games. Otherwise why bother pointing out the 61 games and 63 AHL games? You seem to have treated them as equals, and this could not be further from the truth. Furthermore Liiga is a professional league (older men play in it). Again, you seem to be shortchanging the competition there as well. Rathbone maybe "elite" in his competition, but does this mean he is elite in his league? Or does the elite description apply to ALL skaters? Juolevi is playing against harder competition, since I've established that AHL > NCAA. Yet just because there is no "elite" description of his skating, it doesn't mean that Rathbone has an "edge" on him either. In fact, both players are apples and oranges in two different leagues. It's like saying that an AHL veteran is "elite" against CHL players. It's taken out of context and you can't meaningfully quantify just how good a player is because of the differences. I'm not hating on Rathbone. I'm just pointing out there are flaws in your analysis. You can't compare Rathbone and Juolevi from two different leagues. You've not seen both of them skate on the same ice surface, so there is no equal ground.
  11. So you're basically stretching a narrative by saying NCAA = AHL. Never mind the fact that AHL has some long time former NHL players playing there. Never mind that AHL players in general have more experience than NCAA players. You're saying that Juolevi's experience is basically equal to Rathbone. So here's the thing. The skating thing you're saying is a joke. No one else who is credible to comment on this has said Rathbone's skating is better nor worse than Juolevi's. I highly doubt you saw enough of both players skate to really make that accurate of a comparison. This is not taking into account the difference in level of competition. But to finally clear up the reality of competition - here's what other posters said about NCAA vs AHL:. tl;dr - every single poster believes AHL > NCAA. Go through both sites (HF/Reddit). Your opinion is just wrong. Source 1 HF Boards https://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/ncaa-vs-ahl.2441209/ For what it's worth, UNB is an elite CIS team and has been for a while. You can't really draw conclusions about the level of competition in CIS/USports based on their performance. Personally I think even a weak AHL team would chew through virtually every NCAA team. I just can't see NCAA defenses being able to handle even the worst AHL team's top players. I wish we had more inter-league games to get some numbers to support/refute these types of questions. NCAA could win a one-off, but AHL would probably win nine out of ten 7 game series. ^This is pretty spot on. Top NCAA teams would probably have a couple lines that would be fine against a bad AHL team. But in terms of depth I dont see many NCAA standing much of a chance in the long run All in all though the AHL is far higher quality of play than the CIS. For example, the following players graduated from UNB to pro hockey last year: ----------------------------------------- Source 2 Reddit level 1 ProcrastinatorAJC CHI - NHL 104 points · 2 years ago AHL is probably the hardest out of all of those. AHL (by a country mile) NCAA WHL QMJHL
  12. How is Rathbone "easily" the more complete player? You're comparing apples and oranges. How much "better" does Juolevi need to be better in order for you to consider him to be doing well in the AHL? 2 PPG per game? He looks like he's coming into his own. 2018-19 Utica Comets AHL 18 1 12 13 2 -12 -- -- -- -- -- 2019-20 Utica Comets AHL 45 2 23 25 24 -8
  13. I truly don't get the Hayton hate ppl have. It was an off the board pick but Hayton has proven people very wrong about him being a bad pick. He is freaking captain of Canada and he arguably carried that team on his own, despite injury. He played injured too. He's a beast.
  14. Of course Mr. Provost would show up to take a slag at Benning. Your biasness has always led you to make some irrational statements. You DO realize that Chayka was promoted to GM in 2016. That's 4 years of working. Meanwhile... May 21, 2014 https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/jim-benning-named-canucks-general-manager/c-720229 But wait, using your logic, wouldn't that make Benning one of the so-called "top half of tenured GMs" then?
  15. There is a problem when work relations are affected because of these relationships.
  16. Many people die in the world - some for very stupid reasons. That being said, Regis Philbin was an icon that managed to entertain a huge diversity of people - and still be relevant. As we continue our lives, we start to see more of these icons pass away, which is very sad. No doubt he lived an awesome life. I'm sure he had no regrets.
  17. Typo there by Chris Johnston, which has been carried over into the thread.
  18. I think we should also take into consideration the amount of strides he's taken as a player and a person, on and off the ice. We see these unflattering social media situations, yet he has improved in every season he's been in. Granted, yes, he's been given a lot of chances to do so. Character wise, he's not a bad person, but sometimes makes some questionable decisions. Some people take longer to grow up and I suspect the Canucks understand this better than anyone. On the other hand, for the fishing tournament, he donated all of his winnings, just like the previous winner. You gotta give credit where it's due. If Virtanen doesn't bring his A game in the next season, he's gonna get dumped, that's for sure. As you said, optics wise, it wouldn't be as desirable to trade him; however the team has shown a tremendous amount of patience. You really can't fault the team at that point if he doesn't progress more.
  19. You've had some credibility issues for a while but this last sentence probably takes the cake. What are you even talking about here?
  20. Ok, big guy. I've told her many times about boosting her confidence and/or having her focus on herself. I got a little frustrated so I went the passive aggressive route, but I'm not proud of it. I ask on the internet purely to get an honest answer. I don't want to ask this on Facebook or something. I don't want the drama.
  21. I don't expect you to know what I'm talking about. Look at my signature and everyone can see why. Anyway I've never forced anything on her. Everything's been a two-way street.
  22. That's not really how things are going down. I have told her that she's beautiful and cute and pretty. When I lock eyes with her, I just wanna kiss her especially because I know she loves me. I've offered to do something fun with her as a partner, but she's always making excuses. And it doesn't look like she has real interest in doing them, even with me. She's not really dieting either, but she keeps telling me over and over about losing weight. I've told her that I think she can try something new. Maybe I will have to just take her to the salon and go "just have fun with some makeup - it's on me"? I don't think she'd like it to be honest. Even when she's with herself, she's not a makeup person. Furthermore, I've also told her that I would like her to be confident and that I'll always support her. She'll take my words but I don't feel like she is using me to get confident. Sigh. Maybe after reading these comments, I'll try to stay with her and keep her happy. She makes me happy too, so it's not a one-way street. I'm not unhappy, but I'm not pleased with her words and no action.
  23. Damn.. I withdraw my previous opinion of him.
  24. Thank you very much. I'll give this a try.