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Cory Schneider May Already Be The Best Goalie In The Nhl

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 07:32 AM

I agree with the OP, but the operative word here is "may".

Q: Has Cory played enough games at an NHL level to be 100% certain he is going to be amazing?
A: No. There are many examples in history where goalies look great for a year or sometimes two, and then nosedive. This year, we've seen several goalies excel where they tanked the year prior. Going solely with Cory *is* a risk, as much as some on CDC don't want to believe it.

However - what we've seen from Cory has been spectacular so far. Given his lower cap hit and his team-first attitude, the fact he is younger and will get even better, and the fact he seems to be unable to be rattled in any situation makes me think he is the one we should move forward with.

But make no mistake about it: There is a chance that Cory may not turn out to be the amazing goalie we all believe he will be. And if this happens, you can expect fans to absolutely rip him apart.... along with Gillis.
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#62 yes we can nucks

yes we can nucks

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 08:44 AM

I think letting him have a full season to breathe as number one and seeing how the team plays in front of him will be a much better indicator of how things will be going forward..lets hold the "best goalie ever" part back until he's got a bit more experience under his belt.

Yeah, let's wait till he maintains his stellar stats for 6 yrs... till he is a Vezina finalist/winner... till he takes the team to the President's trophy and SCF... till he wins a gold medal as a starter. Then he MAY be considered for 'best goalie ever'. Hmmm....

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 09:01 AM

Remember when we always used to put huge pressure on Luongo, then he couldn't live up to it all and wanted a trade?

Yeah... Let's not do that again.


#64 Onions


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 09:59 AM

I love cory and everything but this thread is just.... :picard:

EDIT: But not as much as some of the other ones out there. which includes the like 1000000 topics about lu and trading him...

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#65 tjolsen


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 10:51 AM

Last year, Tim Thomas had heads turning by setting a record for the highest save percentage in a season (since they started recording it in 1983), with a .938. Dominik Hasek held the previous record with a .936, which he set in 1998-99. People were surprised that in the supposedly more wide-open hockey of post-lockout, that a goaltender would be able to beat a record from the cluth-and-grab hay-day.

HOWEVER, the Dominator is now 3rd - Cory Schneider's .937 from this past season is now 2nd all-time.

In fact, Cory Schneider's career save percentage is best in the NHL...EVER. Nobody comes close to his .928:

1 - Dominik Hašek - 0.922
2 - Tim Thomas - 0.921
3 - Pekka Rinne - 0.921
4 - Henrik Lundqvist - 0.920
5 - Roberto Luongo - 0.919

True, it's only been 68 games, but 68 games is nothing to sniff at. And that number could likely go even higher, because that includes in his first 8 games , when his save percentage was only .877.

Also, Cory's career GAA of 2.24 is 2nd among active goalies. Only Martin Brodeur's 2.23 has him beat - and only because of all his years in the aforementioned clutch-and-grab era, playing for the cluthiest-and-grabiest team in history.


Again, time will tell if Cory can put together these types of numbers in a starter's role, and over many seasons. But so far, he's given us every indication that he's the real deal...an elite, possibly generational - goaltender.

Please dude every single time you have a chance to hate on luongo you do and if you seriously think that you have some problems....all of this love for cory makes me root for Luongo more and more...he is a great goalies...both of them are...and do you guys really think that we are going to get anything for Luongo...trust me we wont

#66 tjolsen


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 10:54 AM

Remember when we always used to put huge pressure on Luongo, then he couldn't live up to it all and wanted a trade?

Yeah... Let's not do that again.

Do not worry cory will have just as much pressure on him and he might crack just like Luongo did...it just like it was in North Carolina...everyones favorite player is the back up QB...just like here everyones favorite player is the back up Goalie

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 11:01 AM

Canucks fans make me sick. You are setting him up for the goalie graveyard.

That's what I said when Luongo got traded here, he's just the next victim. I didn't want to be right because I like the guy. Hell, I liked most of the guys we had during that stretch, Potvin, Burke, Irbe.

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 11:13 AM

I hate you so much.

You want harsh realities? How about:

2008 - In a fight for a playoff spot, Lu completely falls apart down the stretch. His save percentage for the final six games? .837! Was this back when people used to call us the Vancouver Luongos? Luongo went at 110% every game. He was able to keep us in a playoff spot until teams with heart started going at 110% too. That is when we were exposed as a 1 man team. What were the Sedins and Naslund's stat line down the stretch?

2009 - After a phenomenal series against the Blues, Luongo's performance was hit-and-miss. But in the 6th and deciding game, what a miss! As the Canucks kept piling on the goals to try to outscore his mistakes, he just got worse and worse. He finished the game allowing 7 goals on 30 shots - a save percentage of .767 Game six was bad. The rest of the series, I have no damn complaints. Luongo gave us a chance to win each game. They could have went up 3-1 in the series. But nope. They let Chicago's sniper walk in on Luongo in the last minute. How's that for letting the team down? Game six might not even be an issue if they go up 3-1. He even gave his team a chance to win next game.

2010 - Again, Chicago manages to perforate him at the worst of times. He had a strong 1st and 5th game, but his save percentage in the other four games was a measly .860 Funny how the Canucks looked like they only cared in games 1 and 5. But let's blame the goalie!

2011 - Manages not to completely blow it against Chicago this time around (had to start Schneider once to calm him down a bit), and goes on to play very well...until he gets to Boston. It's strange, because he played so well in the three wins he did have, but with Thomas' goaltending and Boston's defense, he needed to give us a chance to win a 4th game with 2-3 goals, but he never did. We were out of that 6th game before the 1st period was over. Manages not to completely blow it against Chicago? He was the best player in game 7 bar none. Game 6 against Boston, he let the team down. But games 3, 4, and 7, the team let themselves down. They were abused and just stood there and took it. The power play dried up. Nobody had the balls to drive in and get a scoring a chance. All the shots were boxed out by the big bad Boston defense that our players were SO afraid of. Luongo had 2 shutouts that series, and the Vancouver Canucks set a record for scoring futility in the SCF. Clearly the goaltending is the problem.

2012 - Didn't play bad, but gave up a bad goal in each game. And in a tight-checking series, that's the difference between winning and losing. Losing the first two games at home? Series is pretty much done, despite Schneider coming in and playing lights-out. Luongo, Schneider, and Henrik Sedin were the only players in that series who gave a crap.

Here it is in a nutshell...

Save Percentage Of Final Playoff Game:

2009 - .767
2010 - .857
2011 - .850
2012 - .946

Without thinking of the name on the back of the jersey, which year did our elimination have nothing to do with goaltending?

Without thinking about statistics and scapegoating this all on Luongo, why don't you grow a pair and not think of this as a quick fix? If we get rid of Luongo, we're not going to win multiple titles while never ever getting blown away again. Fact of the matter is, we have a team that is prone to just stopping and leaving the goaltender out to dry. Why is it that whenever we win in the playoffs, Luongo was stellar? I can only think of a couple of playoff games where Luongo just gave his team a chance to win, and they did. He always has to steal one. This team needs a heart transplant. Stop picking on one man.


...Luongo is an excellent goaltender. However, he is OBVIOUSLY prone to meltdowns. We've tried it with him, and failed. It's time to move on.

Even a "special" child like yourself should understand that.

I hope you step on a ???? lego.

Buddy I called this EXACT situtation on here two years ago and was flamed, so I guess I have a bit of hockey knowledge, not to mention the 4 years I played in the OHL idiot.

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Posted 27 April 2012 - 11:45 AM

yea, I know he will improve even more in the 2nd round this year.... CDC...a world of it's own indeed.

You were the guy losing his load over Corey Crawford two years ago. After watching the Chi-Pho overtimes, it's obvious you know nothing about projecting which goalies will turn out to be clutch.

#70 TheCammer


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 04:28 PM

Did you check which team(s) Luongo played on during those 71 games? It certainly wasn't the President's Trophy winning Canucks - it was the Islanders and the Panthers.

1999-2000 NYI: 26th in the NHL, 24-48-9-1 record, Luongo played in 24
2000-2001 Fla: 27th in the NHL, 22-38-13-9 record, played in 47

Over a much larger sample of games, Luongo has improved and is still statistically one of the best goalies - not just currently playing - but since they started keeping more detailed stats.

Our point is, based on the sample size available, the chance that Schneider is one of, if not THE, best goalies in the league is not as strong as you think it is. It's possible, but not worthy of a thread getting ready to proclaim him the best goalie in the NHL.

Well said Elvis.


#71 sQuish


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 04:35 PM

Backups almost always tend to have inflated stats. They typically get the "easier" games throughout the year and are much fresher than if they were a starter. Also, the pressure is substantially less as they are a backup and not much is expected from them, which definitely helps. Teams also generally play better in front of a backup as they don't rely on the goalie as much, and play a more defensive style.

He really needs a full starting season before any true books can be written about Schneids.

#72 Cristalinastar


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Posted 27 April 2012 - 08:36 PM

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Time to buy a new jersey now.

Hmm like the name but let's stick with my two favourite .#s 3 & 5!!!!

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16 WINS-its the beauty way to go!

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