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When is it time to panic? Canucks are 3-5-1 in last 9 games


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Canucks 3-5-1 in past 9 games. Time to panic?

The Canucks are now 3-5-1 over their past 9 games. This has caused them to drop from having a secure hold on the division title and almost a sure spot on the playoffs, to being in jeopardy of being in 9th or 10th place in the conference and missing the playoffs. I've seen this story before. For those who take our playoff berths as granted, let me assure you that nothing is written in stone. We've missed the playoffs twice since the dreaded Mark Messier years, and we could miss them again.

At what point is it time to panic? And let me define some examples of panic:

- Making a big trade

- Firing AV or MG

- AV calling the team out publicly

- Dissention in the locker room

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It's not time to panic really, although this team could use a change here or there to shake things up. I would start by relieving AV of his duties and trading Luongo+ for the best package we could get.

As for the playoffs, personally I wouldn't be too concerned. We'll most likely win the division although I think it'll be close this year, and if no shakeup is made prior to the trade deadline we'll possibly win round 1 of the playoffs and bow out quietly after that.

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You've actually got it wrong...

I wrestled with leaving this open as there obviously is some sense of concern. Personally, the regular season doesn't mean anything except that you must get into the playoffs...so the time to panic is when that is in danger. Once you're in, it all starts over and anything can happen. Sure the way players are playing can be of concern, but I'm not sure that it is here. We played well last night and likely should have won. One idiotic call put us shorthanded and the Flames capitalized on that.

But one of the reasons I'm NOT in a state of panic is because the team has had some push back vs being push overs in the physicality end of things and other teams are aware of that. So I feel that they have the right mindset in preparing for the playoffs. We've been at the receiving end of bad (or non) calls and are likely not shellshocked by them anymore...it's become the norm so shouldn't be too much of a factor.

I'll leave this open as I'm sure there are people concerned about our recent record who need to express that...I'm not one of them however. I'll save my worry for if/when it really counts.

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OP is struggling with basic math. It makes a difference as to how many games you go back when you are spinning your drama.

We are 9-4-2 in the last 15 and 7-3-2 in the month of February. I don't think I'm going to panic yet. Sorry to not join you as you jump off the wagon.

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Barely .500.

This team isn't playing hard every night, and eventually it'll catch up with them. I think they need to get their crap together in the next 3 games. If they don't, then it's time to panic

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