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Michael Cammalleri a good rental?


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It has been discussed ad nauseum that we need more goals. A true sniper. They don't grow on trees, I know, but one is a UFA next year and has proven goal scoring abilities even on the poorest of teams; Michael Cammalleri of the Calgary flames. I know he's not Patrick Kane, but he does have a nose for the net, and may not be overly expensive. My question is, is it worth it to pick him up as a rental? Do we have enough other pieces that he may be the difference between winning and losing a series?

Love to hear some opinions on this.

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Can't understand the love for Cammalleri around here. The guy gets a ton of ice-time and wouldn't even produce 50 points over a full season playing almost 20 minutes a game. He's a fringe top-6 forward at this point in his career.

I wouldn't offer up more than a mid-round pick and a mediocre prospect, but some desperate team like Toronto will likely throw a 1st+ at Calgary for him.

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He'd do good on a team like Vancouver but...was concussed by Tanner Glass last game.

As for people calling him soft he was the only Flame player to bench 300lbs during fitness testing at 3 reps. Also dropped Glass in retaliation last game after he went after Bortuzzo (in defense of Giordano).

Though with Burke running the ship; not sure if he's worth giving up a first for.

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only way is if it booth for cammi or edler for cammi and 1st 2014/2015

is the only deals I do

rather have booth or edler though tbh.

if we want a sniper with a big body, that needs to change teams I do suggest try a booth for stafford/michalek

even do a booth 3rd for one of those players.

michalek could be a 30goal scorer once again if he plays with the twins


stafford could be a playmaker that kesler needs to set him up,

both have size, and some skill, just hasn't use it correctly yet.

booth for stafford

edler schroeder for michalek 1st, 1st 2015

sedins michalek

burrows kesler stafford

higgins santorelli kassian

sesito richardson hansen

hamhuis tanev

garrison bieksa

stanton corrado

make sense and our lineup is playoff ready.

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We have never done well with rental players.

And I don't think we're one or two pieces away from being a contender. I think we need way more than that. So giving up something to get a rental player in the hopes that they push us into contention for the Cup doesn't sound all that wise IMO.

If we get players at the deadline, I'd hope they would be like Higgins and Lapierre. Brought in with the intention that they'd re-sign here.

And if we do get a rental player, I'd like for him to be younger and more dynamic. We already have too many middle-aged, predictable players on this team

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