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[GDT] Vancouver Canucks vs San Jose Sharks - Dec 30


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the Canucks have like 10 seconds of PP time in two Cali games ridiculous..... Buttman and his henchmen are protecting the Cali teams trying to grow the fan base by making sure they get to the playoffs every year.

Did you see the panthers game, the trip on Nazem Kadri; its obvious the NHL is catering to teams like Florida and California teams; Also, if the oilers think they getting Mcdavid hahaha goodluck with that. Mcdavid will go to Pheniox or Carolina, so oilers will probaly end up with a top 3 pick. Just watch Mr Bettman run his charm on the draft lottery.

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Tell us more Sensei

Well if any player complained like you bitches the coach would tell you to shut up and sit your ass on the end of the bench for the rest of the night.

You actually think that's a valid for a player after the game. Well the ref's cheated for the other team.

It almost seems like no one here has actually played hockey before.

Half the battle is the refs and the management of the game people. It's psychological.

If you think WD is blaming the first goal on a PS you're freaking delusional. That line-change was crap. You change what can and stop bitching about the rest. At the end of the day the ref ain't changing his call, you look like a baby, and he's likely to call another one on ya.

I think what people need to realize is there is a certain bias in reffing everywhere, it's not against the Canucks but if you can't play the game you're going to get burned. Stop taking stupid penalties and play dump and chase if you can't take them man on man then lay off, or live with the consequences.

I will give you in tight we're getting murdered and we not getting a single call, but that is a really, real part of sports.

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The Sharks do have the most lop-sided home-winning record of the So-Cal teams,.. compared to their away winning record.

Out the refs, people. Name 'em & shame 'em, like we do to Sutherland, O'Halloran & Devorski,..if they really seem completely crooked or out-to-lunch. Publicly shaming is all we can do.

The guys doing this game seem a little un-observant, a tad homeristic ,..but nothin' as ridiculously-biased as the zebras I've named. I chalk tonight's slant up to the influences of the 7th man watching & cheering in the arena, that's all,..and to be a little expected.

You forgot to mention the evil O6 cabal...

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Seriously though, if you want to see how one sided the officiating is against the Sharks, go look at the game recaps on NHL.com and check the penalty summary. We have been at the disadvantage every single game going back to at least the 2012-2013 season, including that playoff series where it was disgustingly obvious how biased it was at 24 to 10.

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Actually, I'm not one of those Canucks fans that bitch about everything, nor do I think there is some league conspiracy against the Canucks. I never said anything about those calls being illegitimate, as I think they were all deserved. The only "weak" one would be the last one on Daniel. You see, I'm not one of those fans who thinks the Canucks can do no wrong. I criticize this team, and praise this team. I also understand the game at a high level, in no way do I think that power plays need to be even.

But there has been stuff that the Sharks have done, that has gone uncalled. If you're calling one team, then you need to call the other team as well. I understand stuff is let go, and I like that as it would be quite ridiculous how many penalties there would be if everything was called.

We got away with a TMM in the 2nd; even super homer Garrett mentioned it. But otherwise I agree with you. We have had two games in the last month or so where we didn't get a single penalty so IMHO it evens out.

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The exact same "hit" Hansen was called for, a Shark did 10 mins later and no call - course it was a nice dive by that Shark....

So, are we going to nitpick every play now?

Why not just let computer robots monitor every game and they can decided what's a penalty or not?

The refs are humans, they make mistakes, just like you, me, and every single person on this planet. They can only see so much on the ice, that they are bound to misses some calls. I like to see you or anyone else who think this is an easy job, try to officiate a pro game.

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