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Can we catch Anaheim for the division title?


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No way is Anaheim going to continue to lose... they have too good a team to go into a tailspin.

I think there is zero chance of the Canucks catching them.

OP has been putting too much whisky in his bowl of cornflakes.

Let's not go nuts. Realistically, it's highly unlikely that we'll catch Anaheim, but to say that there's "zero chance" of it happening is even more asinine. It wouldn't be the strangest thing to ever happen.

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Sure can. You never know. With one game left against the Ducks this season 8 points isn't too unrealistic to overcome. 3 point games will likely be the determining factor if Anaheim even gets back to .500 hockey.

Doesn't really matter who we play in the first round, but I would be uneasy against the Hawks or the Preds. 2 teams destined to do well this year. Hopefully a few 1st round upsets (including one in Vancouvers favour) will knock a few of the big guns out early.

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