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Thing is he's actually a good goalie who can play and win games. I'm not just a fan of his because he's funny on twitter that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard lots of people say it. A 3rd and a 7th is a joke for a NHL starter. Your probably in the same boat that Talbot is much better and worth a 1st I'd assume?

How many times do I have to read that Talbot is worth a 1st rnd ???

He is having a hard time fetching a 2nd !!

Fair value is what we got for Eddy folks. We just need to take our We Hate Benning t-shirts off for a second and realize it.

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From the second page:

Lehner 22 yrs old under contract for 4.more yrs at a controlled cost.

Lack 27 yrs old, Free Agent in 1 yr.

See the difference there??

28 year old above average backups on a team up against the cap don't bet you a kings ransom.

Who woulda thunk.
Move on.

2nd for Baert was a no brainer.

Its still WAAAYYY too early to judge these moves. I remember when Snow was getting crucified, but look at what hes got in the organization right now.

Id bet that theres a few players that the Canucks really like in that area. According to many 40-70 in this years draft is a loaded crap shoot.

Canucks select Oliver Kylington 66th and people be like oh wait Eddie's actually worth a first rounder wooohoo.

High third is not bad here. Probably adding a top4 D prospect or middle 6 forward prospect.



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