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Disaster. Everything looked so promising yesterday.

Lack gone for peanuts and a debatable pick in Boeser (not BPA, didn't fit organisational need, but still not Carlo).

Ownership want us to go out in the first round every year and have no real interest in doing what it takes to really win (lose, a lot, for a few years).

Patience will run very thin in this city now. Most of the new management's moves have been poor (Vrbata and Bärtschi being notable exceptions).

Why do you say Boeser wasn't the BPA? Cause a few internet and tv "scouts" say otherwise? BPA is objective. Like in every draft, some players won't be as good as they were projected to be. Likewise, some players will turn out better than projected.

As far as RW not being a position of need, what would you have preferred? I don't see how RW isn't our biggest need after defence. Weren't any defenceman left that they were comfortable with, so Boeser it was.

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I honestly would have been cool with trading Bieksa for a 2nd and hanging on to Eddie past the draft.

Then you miss out on drafting a player in one of the deepest drafts.

And Bieksa was never close to getting a 2nd. The sooner people value our players fairly the sooner we can move forward

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I'm sad to see Eddie go, but as long as Markstrom doesn't fall apart, I'm OK with it. There's no guarantee Eddie will even re-sign with Carolina when his contract runs out next year so I can see how a 3rd round pick was the going price.

Now I can't wait to see what this Demko kid can do.

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