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Edler's Value?


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Come on now, if Schneider gets you 9th overall, Edler gets you the same.

Schneider was 27 and playing the best hockey of his life. Also, goaltenders peak at older ages. Edler is 29 and still rebounding.

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I guess this isn't really realistic.. but something like this would offered, I would take it instantly.

Toronto wanted Detroits 2015 1st and Mantha for Phaneuf. Detroit Countered with their 2015 1st and Smith. Edler has a more friendly cap hit than Phaneuf and is sign though 2018-2019, so the value isn't that far off.

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Top 10 pick.

At least, if not adding a blue chip prospect as well.

Not a priority or a fix for us. He is young enough to be there as we transition to a new core.

Hamhuis probably gets a really nice return at the deadline (probably a Petry-like two 2nd round picks).

Last year players worse than Higgins and Hansen were going for 2nds as well.

So what I am saying is that now isn't the time to be shipping off assets. Value is always higher at the trading deadline, we missed the boat a little last year by not moving at least one of our veteran forwards.

If you even do a minor culling of veterans at the deadline you set yourself up incredibly well for the next offseason.


Hamhuis for two 2nd round picks. or even a very late 1st round pick from a contending team

Bieksa for a 2nd and a solid prospect

Higgins for a 2nd

Hansen for a 2nd or 3rd

Then before the 2016 draft you flip some of those picks for young NHL ready players; players in their prime; and some lower picks.

= vastly different and younger team in one offseason.

That is the way to rebuild effectively (a la NYI and Calgary)... not sucking for many years and hoarding prospects. If we had those picks this draft we could have afforded Lucic and Hamilton both.

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Edler is worth a top 10 pick, or two first rounders. Very nice cap hit and is a decent number 2. He is the most valuable canuck in terms of trade value, which is what ward was pointing out. I also recommended trading him simply because he offers us the most value, and his peak years are behind him he will be 30 next year. We could potentially rob a team desperate for D.

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Edler is easily worth a top 10 pick, he's in his prime,physical and solid.I don't understand why we would ask this question now though? Our blue line is thinner than tissue paper and he's currently the best we have; unless there is a magical Shea Weber Tree that I'm in aware of.

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It could be a proposal, but it's not.

Ward-O got me thinking... Just what could we get for Edler?

Top tier offensive help?

Young stud D prospect?

Top 10 pick?

Nothing. Edler doesn't want to move. Edler will not move.

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