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Who will be Canada's Top Team in 15/16

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I came across this poll on hubbub. Teams were ranked from best to worst. (Left to right, Van being the worst) I was kind of surprised. Edmonton has made lots of changes, so has Toronto. Calgary has beefed up on the d. But I still don't think Edmonton will be the best team. I would rank them as follows.

Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto.

The poll can be found here:

Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa or Vancouver

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1. Montreal

2. Calgary

3. Ottawa

4/5/6 Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg (all interchangeable)

7. Toronto

I only expect 2 or 3 to make the playoffs though, with 2nd round exits at best. A lot of hype after last year, but I don't think any of them are a match for Chicago, Anaheim, or Tampa.

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Honestly think we will be close to Toronto at the bottom of the pile. My ranking in tiers:

Teams with a trump card that should make them serious contenders:
Montreal (Price alone means playoffs, and they have strong D. Add scoring with Max and they'll be tough)
Calgary (5 good D, plus their young top-9 group and a solid Hiller/ Ramo combo. They'll be in the running)

Teams with question marks last season which could contend:
Winnipeg (Pavelec fell apart in playoffs, but management stuck with him. Should improve with Hutch)
Ottawa (They made it due to Hamburglar; Anderson struggled last regular season, will he be good enough?)

Teams with a chance, because there's always a chance:
Edmonton (forward group looks good, and the defense is better, but is the back end good enough? We'll see)
Vancouver (should be enough to make playoff push, but how far they get is another question; playoffs?)
Toronto (patchwork group looks okay on paper, but they have way to climb back up with Phil gone)

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