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[GTD] Vancouver @ Ottawa 4:30pm Thursday, Nov, 12, 2015. SNV


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 dam small family ehh  maybe youll find some friends one day 

No, I don't think I have a small family at all. I think it's a fairly reasonable size. As for friends, I simply choose quality over quantity. I have maybe 200 "friends" on Facebook, but I'm not considering them. Same goes for family, I wouldn't expect them to take time out of their lives to fly down here just to watch me play hockey. 

Having nearly 100 people come watch your game is excessive to me. I'm not knocking Hutton at all, or saying that's a bad thing. For me personally, it's a bit much. 

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If my memory is good, McCann did make some noticeable mistakes last game. Were they enough to deserve getting scratched? Maybe not. But it's good that Willie is keeping the young guys honest. 

I am still wondering about the hit to head McCann took against New Jersey. Frankly I would have kept him for a couple of games for precautionary reasons. Even though he said he was okay I think we have learned that concussion problems can be cumulative -- you get a hit, think you are sort of ok but have some underlying trauma, and then even a moderate hit does serious damage. That is what happened to Crosby when he had concussion problems.

With McCann's injury history I would be very cautious. I was surprised to see him play against Columbus.

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