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Linden confirms Higgins will be traded

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After the Canucks Season Ticket Holders Autograph signing today, President Trevor Linden met with fans to answer questions. At the end of the questions period he revealed that they have met with Chris Higgins and informed him they will be exploring trade options over the next couple of days to free up a Roster spot for younger players. Thoughts? 

I am personally relieved and believe that is the best decision for both the Canucks organization and Higgins, who could use a change of scenery and a chance to play. 

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Just the reality at this point.  Higgins' broken foot and concussion have really impacted his game.  

Will have to go directly against the obvious grain that will emerge here.

Sad to see the guy made into a flavour of the week CDC whipping boy. Disgusting really.  He's been an absolute steal for this franchise since the day he arrived - we should be thanking the guy for years of performing above his role and cap hit.  

At this point, the team has emerging youth depth and is transitioning.  It's unfortunate - the context in which he's being reduced - some folks even being daft enough to whine about his contract - but that's the business.   His production and outstanding two way play have exceeded any reasonable expectations up to this bad fortune season.

If you are moved - thanks Chris - hope you regain your health and go to a contender where you can be a solid bottom six contributor - the kind of player you win with.

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Wow. Not shocked at the news but more surprised that they would come right out and say it like that.

I can't see any team taking him considering his lack of production and the fact he has an additional year remaining... we'd probably have to eat some salary to make it happen. And if Benning wants to free up a contract spot for young players, taking back another roster player isn't an option. I wonder if this means Higgins isn't going to play any further from now on, even if he isn't traded? (Kinda like Sestito last year when they said he wouldn't play anymore.)

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