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CDC Mafia: Motel Murder [Game Over]


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Route 66 - You have just finished a long hard day of driving across the country and now it's getting dark. A storm's brewing and you need to hunker down for the night. The only motel within fifty miles of here has a sign that catches your attention. Vacancy! Jackpot! The Hotel manager takes your crisp 10 dollar bill with his hook  "Have a splendid stay," he creepily whispers with a toothless grin, then hands you the key for room 6.

As you walk to your room you notice a sheriff's cruiser, a black Lincoln towncar and a couple of beat up rusty trucks. You make it in to your room, it's not much, just a bed and a black and white TV from the 70s. That's all you need. You lay down and instantly fall asleep. Several hours later you are awoken by several thunderclaps and lightning flashes. Then you hear a blood curdling scream coming from the Manager's office. You run down to the office in the pouring rain to see that a group of motel guests already crowding around the scene. The hooked manager is lying lifeless on the floor, the sheriff is crouched over his body. He looks up and declares "this is the work of the mafia!"

Just then another guest comes running into the office and says, "The roads are washed out both ways! We're all stuck here until the storm passes."

Gazing off into the distance as lighting again lights up the office, the sheriff ominously utters, "get my hanging rope'...


11 Players:

  • 7 Vanilla Town
  • 1 Sheriff  
  • 3 Mafia 

Rules: http://cdcmafia.wikia.com/wiki/CDC_Mafia_Rulebook

By signing up you are agreeing to be at least moderately active during the game. Minimum of a few posts of substance each round and a vote every other round to avoid being killed or replaced. 

The Game Will begin when 11 active/serious players have signed up. 

Vote Deadline: 8:30PM, Nightfall: 9:00PM



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