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Linden on 1040 - RE: Youngstars

Ossi Vaananen

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- excited to see Garteig/Stecher in hometown penticton

- Juolevi/Demko/Boeser top 3 prospects

- ranks Brisebois/Stecher as #4 prospect

- high on Subban, good year last year, big step - needs defensive work
- Wants to see where Cassels is after hard summer of training

- eye opener for Junior kids in tournament, tough start

-  2nd year might be tougher for Hutton. Likes potential of Hutton-Gudbranson pairing

- On Candella - '2nd round talent, slid to 5th'

- without top line (WHC), guys like Baertschi/Horvat/Rodin/Etem/Granlund chance to shine

- Sutter needs majority of preseason games to get back

- Gaunce will get chance to earn spot, works hard

- Sautner physically improved

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  • On the 4th best, he also mentioned Subban, then mentioned Cassels which led into longer Cassels conversation. "They say he has his mother's intensity" about Cole being a bit grittier than his dad.
  • Not uncommon for players to look better in an NHL preseason game than this tourney, because it can be scrambly affair vs a preseason game.
  • Subban being "not our guy" is ridiculous, people get caught up in looking at offence but Subban has taken a big step in learning how to play defence as a smaller player.
  • On Hutton, Horvat and Linden had the same sophomore experience, but Hutton came in and made it look easy. Hutton's an easy going guy though and may continue on his path. Mental mindset needed to continue progression. Pretty good dynamic with stay at home alongside puck moving and Guddy will be a leader in the group.
  • Candella they saw before injuries and Tate Olsen as players they want to see where they're at.
  • Thinks it may be a positive with Sedins/Eriksson away. Will see a lot of Rodin, Horvat, Beartschi, but also opportunity for Etem, Granlund, etc. and can let Sutter play after missing games last year which can let them develop chemistry.
  • Mentioned Gaunce and Sautner unprompted and noted how hard Gaunce works and how Sautner came in skinny, also with Subban and Sautner how they became relied on will be something to watch.
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good clip.  talked a 2nd time about Subban too.  He was asked who was the most improved in the AHL last year.  The first name that came to mind was Jordan Subban.


Linden sounds relaxed.  Must feel better after getting all the frustration out from last year biking lol.

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The big difference with Benning and Linden over previous management is that they take developing seriously. They are up on what their prospects are doing and seem to be monitoring things through out the year. You can here it in Lindens voice that he cares about the youth and sees them as the future. He is able to relate to what they are going through.

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1 minute ago, HerrDrFunk said:

Man, last year it was our defence and goalies that were lacking. This year it's a total 180...though unfortunately that means it's the forwards who are firmly in the "meh" category. 


I'm looking forward to seeing who steps up!

Our net was not lacking last year. It was arguably the biggest thing that kept us remotely in games.

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1 minute ago, Bigturk8 said:

No Zhukenov?

I believe I read earlier on another fourm subject he has some form of a foot injury?  I may be wrong but thats what i read earlier.  


I'm excited too see what Stukel and Carcone can bring in terms of offence.  Mckenzie and Abols will be fun too watch too.

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2 minutes ago, S'all Good Man said:

That D future makes me happy. Demko will be fun to watch too.


Laplante is the guy that interests me the most of the F group - he might be a smaller version of Max Lapierre and could be a real steal.  

Yeah, pretty nice to see how much of a turn around our D prospects quality/depth had made in a couple short years. They may make our otherwise middling forward group there look better than they are. Thank Gordie! 


I'm also curious about Laplante. Not expecting Gretzky out of him or anything but I have a feeling he's going to look better than a lot of people give credit for and will be a PITA to play against. 

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