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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

-Vintage Canuck-

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5 minutes ago, FijianCanuck said:

Isn't that the knock on Jake too? 

Might be. But he's still very young. I remember Bertuzzi when he was young. Power forwards take time. Virt has been much better this year but I was quite worried about his play last 2 years. HE'll continue to improve... hopefully.

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It's hilarious watching players literally bounce off of Gudbranson. He was the best defenseman on the ice tonight, and that's saying something, as everyone was solid on defense. After those two goals, everyone played a smart, physical game. 


Edler was terrifying. Ayahtollah was destroyed but got right back up. I suppose that's why Alex only got the two. Monstrous game from him. 


Pouliot was solid, as was Del Zotto. It was nice to see Mike get some lowered minutes. 


Hutton was surprisingly decent. Biega an absolute wrecking ball. 

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27 minutes ago, RWMc1 said:

Funny how d-men play better with Edler as a partner.

Some folks like to focus on Edler's mistakes and confirm a tunnel vision perspective every opportunity he gives them - and he certainly breaks his share of sticks when winding up for a slapper, or drives them square into the shin pads of the forward in front of him - but there's no question that Edler effectively takes space away and is not an easy guy to play against.

If he were - every single coach that has ever utillized him - from AV, Tortorella, Desjardins, Green and the Swedish National team coaches - would not have loaded so many hard minutes on his back.  He has faults - and he's facing the best players in the world night in night out - but he's a bloody valuable defenseman whether people choose to realize it or not.


But more specifically - Edler has always seemed to excel with pmd partners.  It is an ideal complement for Edler imo.  It prevents him from having to be a primary puck carrier.  It creates some extra space for him where he's not always under pressure, which is usually the case on the defensive side of the game as well.  Pouliot's skating enables him to get back, retrieve pucks and just take a bit of the burden off Edler (something Tanev also does very well). 

Really liking Pouliot though, whatever situation they have him in, regardless of his partner.

Someone cited his corsi tonight - but the top 8 Canucks in terms of corsi tonight all had over 67% offensive zone starts - so Green was tilting situations for success - particularly for the Sedins and Loui, and the Edler Pouliot pairing.   Regardless though, they all looked good tonight.  Great team win.

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1 minute ago, pavel berezin said:

Another poor start by the Canucks which they actually managed to dig themselves out of. And why? The Sedins. I critiqued their play last game, but they certainly showed up tonight, and nothing would delight me more than to see them finish the season strong. Because no one wants to see great players limp out the rest of their career. Please, please Daniel & Henrik, finish strong!

Horvat's line played well, as did Thomas Vanek. Speaking of Vanek it continues to astound me how little ice time Coach Green seems to give this guy, and yet he's still one of the best players out there. I thought Brandon Sutter had a good game, almost scoring on that chance, even if his penalty shot was nothing to write home about. Nilsson bounced back after that early softie, and he was had two very tough tests in the last 5 minutes of the game to preserve the tie. The D played well too. They didn't allow a whole lot of quality chances against, and were passing the puck up to the forwards effectively. And although there were a couple soft plays getting the pucks out of the d-zone I think that was mostly forwards with the soft plays. 

Great team effort to not let themselves get rattled and come back from being down 2-0. But personally I can't feel too high about this victory, because of the third poor start in a row, and the two previous efforts. Prove me wrong boys!

Very good game summary with a nice typewriter you have there. ::D

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30 minutes ago, apollo said:

That penalty wouldn't have happened if the old boys club didn't instruct the ref to keep the puck in! Down with the old boys club! 


They tried but they couldn't keep us down tonight! 


Us against the world as usual and we come out on top! Woo! 

How exactly do you dismantle the old boys club?   I wish there's a justice in the world for that club.  

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5 minutes ago, FijianCanuck said:

Thank you Brian Burke for being an idiot and throwing Sven under the bus in Calgary. 

Yes, but while we're thanking Brian Burke - thank you Brian Burke for being a stubborn ass bulldog and netting us two Sedins in a move that helped produce some years of contention for this team.


And thanks for being a mean s.o.b. when the media ripped into your players.  I wish we had more of that presently.


But the albino porcupine didn't really trade Baertschi.  That was Treliving.

Burke may have made some unflattering comments, but it was good medicine for us in the end.

So I rationalize a way to preserve my soft spot for Burke.   To me, he's a Paddy Quinn protege.


“Between me and my agent, the goal was to find a solution, ‘How do I get to play in the NHL?’ ” said Baertschi following a whirlwind afternoon of phone calls and planning after receiving a phone call from Treliving. “We were just trying to find a solution and for me, personally, in Calgary at some point it just didn’t seem to work anymore. But it wasn’t like we called and were like, ‘OK. We want to get out of here.’

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