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....Like walking naked through a snowstorm


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I wonder how many hours Benning has already spent pouring through opposition rosters and depth charts looking for a replacement for Dorsett.
You know it's coming.
Dorse wasn't a big guy, but he was intimidating. If not with his willingness to tenderize your face, then by a general truculent and #you demeanor.

If I'm management, I have to be concerned, what with a host of young players in the lineup, and now facing the loss of our only "real" enforcer. 
You could already see on this last trip, without Dorsett (and Guddy) Boeser got clocked a few times pretty good. There was no response. 

Having really only 2 guys on your entire team that are capable of consistent physical push-back when one of your players gets rolled, isn't good.
1 is even worse. And the 1 we have left in Guddy, is injured again.
All due respect to a guy like Jake in that regard, but he needs to focus on developing his overall power-forward game and not get too distracted by having to stick up for people. He should be a top 6 forward not worried about that kind of thing.

After what Dorse went through last season with that injury, then subsequent major surgery... and then to return and play like he did... that is a massive loss. Both emotionally and physically.

Looking at our team, as far as deterring guys like Kadri from doing his best Matt Cooke impersonations on Saturday.... who do we have?
I don't see anyone. 
Up front, guys like Bo, Jake, and Vanek are all big guys who can hold their own if things go south... but on the back end, without Guddy, there's nothing but crickets and tumbleweeds....

This puts the team in a pretty precarious situation because we need help in that area NOW.
The last thing you want is to have a guy like Boeser get head hunted by some little puke like Kadri (or Rielly) and end up with a concussion. It's entirely possible that could happen Saturday night.
Remember last time?

That's Rielly on Hansen, and then a few seconds later Kadri takes out Dank

Who's going to step up if that %$#@ happens again?
We've got a few guys down in Utica that have some jam to their game. LaBate, MacEwen, .... is it time to give Archibald his shot?
Archie's a big guy at 6'3" 212 lbs. Lead Utica in scoring last year with 47 points so should be capable of providing some offence if he were plugged into a bottom 6 slot.
Or if not, who's out there and what will it cost us??

I'm looking more at forwards, but obviously a defenceman who can throw down while keeping his own house tidy is equally as acceptable. The only diff is that it's easier to upset your balance on D as you're only dressing 6 of them any given night....

Just throwing this out there with no expectation on my part that Benning should target (no pun intended) this guy.... but a guy like Tom Wilson would fit the demographic on this team quite nicely.
23 years old. 
6'4" 218 lbs
RW/Right handed shot
He's averaged just under 20 points a season his first 4 full years in Washington and brings some snarl to that team. He was suspended for boarding a guy in the preseason, and he's willing to hit and chuck 'em. He's had 5 fights this year already. 

What do you guys think? Is Benning going to bring someone in? Call someone up? Do nothing???
I don't think this team is safe as-is. It's too soft and we are relying too much on guys like Brock to keep us above water offensively. If 1 or 2 of our top 6 go down because someone gets "careless" it could mean disaster. 

Not to be a debby downer. Just how I see it. 


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5 minutes ago, luckylager said:

Even though Benning denied any urgency in regards to finding a replacement for Dors, I bet thought of Boes getting run by some puke like Kadri is giving him night sweats.



I was thinking the same.  Absolutely no deterrent in the lineup right now, it is inevitable that pukes like Kadri will take advantage of the situation.  This lineup is so soft that I think you can take the next softest lineup in the NHL, make it twice as soft and wont be as soft as the Canucks.  Soft - the word of the day, lol.

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2 minutes ago, Darius71 said:

I was thinking the same.  Absolutely no deterrent in the lineup right now, it is inevitable that pukes like Kadri will take advantage of the situation.  This lineup is so soft that I think you can take the next softest lineup in the NHL, make it half as soft and it still wont be as soft as the Canucks.



That's soft

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Some more Tom Wilson... just for giggles

He reminds me of Torres. I loved Torres when he was here. I think he got a bad shake from the refs with some of his hits because you don't see much *Scott Stevens in today's NHL.... but you absolutely HAD to keep your head up and eyes open when he was out there.

= intimidation and deterrent



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4 minutes ago, aGENT said:

Notice to cdc, Archibald had a broken face.  FYI. 

That sucks.

Nov. 8 busted a bone in his cheek. 4-6 weeks so still 2-3 away.

Well that leaves MacEwen or LaBate I suppose ... nobody else down there with the grit or balls to satisfy The Sutter Requirement for Manhood. 


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19 minutes ago, Green Building said:

I've been naked in a snowstorm, but I wasn't walking. 




I fried bacon naked once.


edit on topic - I would love to see Wilson here, but ideally we find a guy that can play on the 2nd or 3rd line. Tough to find, but you need a guy to be on the ice for a significant enough time per game to actually be a deterrent.  If Kadri elbowed Boeser it would be pretty obvious if we sent a 4th line fighter out against him.

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2 minutes ago, zzbottom said:

lol Canucks fan loathe Marchand but revere Cooke, one of the most disliked players in the modern era. 

To be clear I HATED Cooke when he was here (and after he left) 
He was a gutless puke (hi Milbury!) who turtled after tying to decapitate guys or otherwise sever their legs below the knee.

Like I said, Wilson looks like one of those guys who's walking a fine line... but at least if he crosses it, he stands up for himself. 
I'm not advocating going out and hiring someone just because they're dirty. 
Having said that, at some point you gotta do what you gotta do and take a chance on someone. 
Being on the PK constantly because you've got a loose cannon on your team isn't good either. 

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