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(Rumor) Oilers Offer Leon Draisaitl For Max Pacioretty


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I'd seriously consider it if i'm Habs. Pacioretty shows up when he wants during the season but totally disappears every playoffs. He's so stale. Every loss he says the same old thing over and over and over. He's no leader. His contact comes up soon and will be looking for a raise. 


Habs have $8M cap space to take on difference of Draisaitl contract.







Marc Bergevin will let it try?


According to TSN1050 Edmonton , the CEO of the Oilers, P. Chiarelli wants to acquire Max Pacioretty.


Here is the offer made to the Canadian ...


Pacioretty + Poehling + 1st choice 2018


Leon Draisaitl


Would you do this exchange instead of Marc Bergevin?



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2 minutes ago, Hutton Wink said:

"Fire me?  Watch me burn this mother down!"

- Chiarelli


There's no consider, Bergevin takes that laughing and runs for the hills, thanking Chia for rescuing his job.  And Edmonton succeeds in yet another tank to draft Dahlin.

Well, I see some Habs fans saying "no way" to this trade because they would be giving up too much.

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Here are the topics being discussed on the Edmonton Message board. Don't you think they would be talking about this if the rumour came from an Edmonton radio station?

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