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[GDT] Canucks VS Rangers, October 20, 2019 -- B2B, Tail-end edition

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3 minutes ago, Canuckster86 said:

If he runs someone and they get hurt tho, that is the problem. Saying not too worried is probably how Canuck players feel too and oh we will get em back on the PP ala the Sedin Era Montra. Well, guess what Sedin's are gone time for the new captain to step up and if our guys get targeted he lead the way in showing we aren't pushovers like we have been over the past decade.


Stand up for each other and go after someone if they run or take a dirty shot on your teammate. If beer league hockey can do it, why can't Millionaires!?!?

Fair enough. Definitely a trend with our team. Hopefully Ferland, Virtanen, and the 4th line can provide some grit of their own today. Honestly, more concerned about Haley than Lemieux, but both have reputations to consider.

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13 hours ago, xereau said:

Well, as soon as the NHL expands to the EU, this old hockey fan is done with the NHL.

What’s wrong with the NHL trying to grow its fan base in Europe? Not like they’re gonna start be opening expansion teams in Helsinki and Stockholm lol.  

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