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[GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes - Wednesday March 4th 2020 at 7:30 PST - "Please don't lose again" Edition

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4 minutes ago, drummerboy said:

Why?  Don’t like reality? 
are you convinced Demko is a future star?

Has Bo been leading this team with his inspirational play?    I haven’t seen it for a large majority of the year.  

I actually with some of what you said, but it comes across as trolling when you come in late in the game and lay that down....

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Coaching costs the better team another game.  Green refuses to change his passive systems and philosophy.  JB refuses to change the coach.  Looking more and more like Aquilini will be making big changes come season’s end.  Very disappointing watching our team, with so many good players, coached so poorly.  At least we get to keep our first rounder.  

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2 minutes ago, Grape said:

Why do so many people here, SO MANY, insist on the "wanting it more" factor.


Like when the other team plays better, the first thing a good amount of people on here think is that it's because "they wanted it more."

Because the games for the last 5 or so have been essentially playoff games. Other teams have picked it up another gear now that their seasons are on the line. We don’t have that extra gear or desire to play in intense games yet. We tend to play like a bunch of Lethargic Louis’ when the games matter the most.

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9 minutes ago, drummerboy said:

This team is a joke. 
When the going gets tough, and he canucks get running.   

Those wanting to keep Demko over Markstrom.   Lol.   Ok.  

Bo is no leader.  
This team is years away from actually competing. 

Nice work Dummerboy!

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