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6 hours ago, oldnews said:

Thanks for that - much more interesting to watch than the beach game.

I think Karaly's beach partner was Kent Steffes (not the biggest name, but they won a lot) - although I admittedly stopped paying attention around the time he stopped playing indoors.  He was largely what drove US success at the international level - well a few players (Steve Timmons as well) which made the strength of US programs appear better than they were overall imo.   Those two schools - UCLA and Hawaii were a pair of teams we played - (one of my friends/competitors in high school wound up going to Hawaii) - we beat both those teams handily - but the UCLA matchup was unforgettable.  They were defending US champions and had the most arrogant, aloof attitudes of any athletes in any sport I ever competed in.  Hated having to come up to this backwater - declined a team invitation to host them at the best restaurant in the city  - probably part of why I grew such a distaste for the Beach Boy thing (I've always found volleyball players in general to be oddly impressed with ourselves - somewhat ironic considering generally nobody watches or gives a crap about volleyball lol).  Anyway, we destroyed them in straight sets.  And then let them know that we were a good team, but not great by Canadian standards - that they were going on to face the real powerhouses (the prairie teams like Manitoba, Sask)...so, have fun with that.  They went 0-6 on that tour (actually may have been 0-7 or 0-8, can't recall exactly, but they lost every match), a rude awakening that they weren't really 'all that'. 

I find the indoor game to be an unreal spectator sport (as well as such a rush to play) = I'm always surprised it doesn't gain more traction.


We are still beating them :towel:... here is a game between Trinity Western and LBSU the defending NCAA champs. Admittedly LBSU was not the same team after graduating TJ DeFalco, Ensing and Tuaniga each of whom play for the USA national team now (two of them in the Olympics).



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12 hours ago, 250Integra said:

USA not looking good against Spain for mens basketball


1 hour ago, Mj2345 said:

USA Basketball advanced to semi finals where they will play Australia, Durant continues his great play.

Probably for the best...


....i doubt Marc Gasol's liver could handle another big victory.....

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3 minutes ago, Tortorella's Rant said:

So can our athletics team, particularly Andre, not do some of these other events. Hurdles, for example, is the one that comes to mind. Practice the technique.. you'd think he'd be a threat to podium. 

It’s really hard to do hurdles.  I think the last top open 100M sprinter to also succeed at hurdles was Gail Devers.   

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23 minutes ago, Jaimito said:



LOL I posted this too....in the prospects thread.   ::D


Was going to try to go back to sleep for a bit....can't.  Way too wound up.


Brown really is likeable....I, too, am pulling for him to get a medal.  His interview was great...got a good head on his shoulders.

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